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Home Appliance Europe (APPLiA) – Chuchotage

APPLiA had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in a short movie created by a successful film director and shot with real actors. The short film is telling the story of an APPLiA conference happening in Prague where two interpreters in the Hungarian booth are ready to do anything to draw the attention of one single listener.

“Chuchotage” for us was not just an exceptional and exciting project to work on, but also a chance to send key messages on the new energy label of products for consumers, resource efficiency, electronic waste and the idea of a Circular Society. The response to the short movie has so far been great and APPLiA has received positive feedback only on its creative way to communicate technical and complicated topics to the external world.

The film has been shown to a high number of festivals all over the world and has already won prestigious prizes, such as a golden medal for a Best Film on the topic of Future Energy & Resources at the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival in Austria, a Silver Medal in the Manhattan Short Film Festival 2018 in New York and another prize in the Savigliano Film Festival in Italy.

European Aluminium – I+ Manifesto

The I+ Manifesto is designed to inspire Europe’s decision makers to imagine a new industrial policy, promoting action and guiding the debate for the coming political cycle and beyond. The Manifesto helped us to secure meetings with EU policy makers and already received over 220 responses from individuals to EU Commission members.

Fertilizers Europe – Feeding Life 2030

“Feeding Life 2030: the European Fertilizer Industry at the Crossroads between Nutrition and Energy” is a wide-ranging advocacy campaign of FertilizersEurope promoting Vision on the production and use of mineral fertilizers in Europe to 2030. The aim of this advocacy campaign is to position our industry in a positive light as a constructive and forward-looking sector, thereby being in a position to influence EU legislative proposals and political decisions, and especially the mandate of the next Commission. To do so, FertilizersEurope put forward very concrete propositions on how European fertilizer sector could help the EU fulfil the ambition to lead sustainable agricultural production and decarbonise energy sector while maintaining strong industrial base in Europe. Working on these issues over the past 12 months brought positive results, resonated in the policies and legislative proposals put forward by EU institutions, ie placing ammonia in the central point in debate on the transition to hydrogen economy (Commission document “A Clean Planet for All”) and including the concept of “Nutrient Management Tool” in the latest proposal for the CAP reform. Further outcomes of the advocacy campaign are expected to occur throughout 2019 by having our points reflected in the Commission’s mandate for next term.

Nautilus International – Protecting the future of the UK Maritime Industry

Nautilus International is the trade union and professional organisation for maritime professionals at sea and ashore, representing 22,000 workers including ship masters (captains), officers, ratings, officer trainees (cadets) and shipping industry personnel.

Nautilus works with members, the maritime community, national governments and international agencies to create change to improve the lives of maritime professionals. It gives a voice to maritime professionals from the very beginning of their training, throughout their employment and into retirement. In 2016, Nautilus launched its Charter for Jobs, which was central to much of its campaigning over the past year, achieving substantial positive results for members and other seafarers across a range of industry issues.

With the nation relying on seafarers for 95% of everything we import, Nautilus’s lobbying campaign has encouraged industry and government collaboration to deliver decent work for British seafarers whilst upholding standards and ensuring working conditions are not undermined.

SolarPower Europe – End the solar trade measures

In 2012, the European Commission imposed high trade taxes on solar panels imported from China into the European Union. This increased the price of panels by up to 65% and made solar much more expensive for consumers than was necessary, the tariffs were making solar systems up to 30% more expensive than in other parts of the world. In 2015, SolarPower Europe began a campaign to have the taxes removed, so that market prices could be restored for panels in Europe. Over the past 12 months this campaign has culminated in a major victory for clean energy enthusiasts, as in September 2018 the European Commission withdrew the taxes. This advocacy and lobbying success is not just a political win, it will make a real difference to the European economy. We are already increasing our forecast for the levels of solar deployment and expect the decision to increase the levels of deployment by around 25% in 2019. This will also provide jobs for citizens that would otherwise not have been there, both manufacturing and engineering.The win is one for SolarPower Europe, but also for consumers and companies across the whole of the EU.

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