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Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) – ACCA Mentoring Programme

With 208,000 members globally and 48,000 affiliates (students who have passed their exams but have not yet met all the requirements of membership) ACCA is a vast network of experienced finance and accountancy professionals – an invaluable asset in its own right.

In 2017, our members told us that they wanted a mentoring platform that would link all ACCA members and help them give back to the profession.

So, in September 2018 we launched the ACCA Mentoring Programme, a twelve month pilot, in six key locations, to 92,000 members and affiliates, resulting in an overwhelming response.
The online programme connects individuals who wish to act as mentors, mentees or both in order to support their career ambitions and professional development.

Among professional associations working to support their members, we feel the ACCA programme stands apart in scale, reach and ambition.

Home Appliance Europe (APPLiA) – Chuchotage

APPLiA had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in a short movie created by a successful film director and shot with real actors. The short film is telling the story of an APPLiA conference happening in Prague where two interpreters in the Hungarian booth are ready to do anything to draw the attention of one single listener.

“Chuchotage” for us was not just an exceptional and exciting project to work on, but also a chance to send key messages on the new energy label of products for consumers, resource efficiency, electronic waste and the idea of a Circular Society. The response to the short movie has so far been great and APPLiA has received positive feedback only on its creative way to communicate technical and complicated topics to the external world.

The film has been shown to a high number of festivals all over the world and has already won prestigious prizes, such as a golden medal for a Best Film on the topic of Future Energy & Resources at the Innsbruck Nature Film Festival in Austria, a Silver Medal in the Manhattan Short Film Festival 2018 in New York and another prize in the Savigliano Film Festival in Italy.

European Respiratory Society

The European Respiratory Society (ERS) undertook a new initiative on 12th April 2018 called ERS Satellites. The concept was conceived to support the sharing of knowledge with a high number of respiratory healthcare professionals (HCPs) without incurring the excessive costs usually associated with travel, accommodation and registration. To achieve this goal, we collaborated with national societies and Industry partners to offer as many healthcare professionals access to this cutting-edge live educational event as possible. Concept ERS Satellites are designed to make access to the latest in respiratory medicine easier than it’s ever been before. The initiative takes full advantage of live-streaming technology, which enabled us to create a comprehensive one-day programme made up of sessions delivered by experts from multiple venues across Europe. This meant that HCPs could attend a venue closer to home but still get access to the level of information that is usually only available at large international events, which usually incur expensive costs or simply join online from anywhere in the world. Registration to attend in person or online was free of charge. Over 2000 HCPs too part from 107 countries and the society gained nearly 1000 new contacts in respiratory medicine.

Royal College of General Practitioners

Becoming a GP is incredibly enriching and rewarding. It is a career with great purpose and is intellectually and medically challenging, diverse and fulfilling.

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) is here to help pupils, students and foundation doctors to explore and discover the endless opportunities that a career in general practice can offer.

At a time when GPs are in greater demand than ever before the RCGP has developed creative and innovative ways to engage and inspire the next generation.

Our Discover GP VR experience is made up of a series of short scenes – each of which showcase a different aspect of the profession – each chosen specifically to target key areas as outlined in our prior research i e intellectual stimulation, breadth of opportunity, complexity and uncertainty.

“I’ve supported the College’s activity aimed at inspiring tomorrow’s GPs for some time – I’ve spoken at many events and attended plenty of careers fairs – the College’s VR experience is a game changer! It provides an innovative and age-appropriate tool to engage young people with!” Dr Sandip Pramanik | GP Partner & RCGP Member

Discover GP in 360°
View here:

The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance

Acting as one of the main faces of the sports nutrition sector, ESSNA advocates for more transparency and responsibility among industry actors in complying strictly with the established rules for the protection of the consumers. The sports nutrition sector has seen its fare share of negative press over the years, despite the fact that the vast majority of the industry complies with the laws’ requirements. Unfortunately, there are still irresponsible companies which persist in selling illegal products, preying on consumer ignorance and the lack of resources faced by enforcement authorities – and it is this which puts the public at risk and gives our industry a negative rep. Hence, as the industry trade association and therefore representative, ESSNA has demonstrated an excellent ability to tackle this issue by taking the responsibility for the removal of these non-compliant products ourselves, as well as taking on the task of communicating directly with the public and educating the sports nutrition consumer on what they should be using. Along the way, we’ve flagged more than 450 potentially dangerous products, forming and cultivating crucial relationships with regulatory bodies and enforcement authorities across the continent, ultimately protecting the integrity of our industry and the safety of our consumers.

Union of the Electricity Industry (Eurelectric)

As technological evolution speeds up exponentially, the electricity sector has seen the emergence of innovative players that challenge the traditional modus operandi. The current environment is more resourceful and interactive, therefore it requires a more dynamic and open attitude on the industry side. By engaging in more collaborative initiatives and by promoting wider sectorial integration, Eurelectric focuses on plugging in an entire ecosystem through the Innovation Platform. From the unique perspective of focal point for Europe’s power sector in the Innovation Platform, Eurelectric leads the intra-industry dialogue on key innovation topics, bringing down silos and helping connect nascent projects with funding. Aside from ensuring the readiness of the sector to embrace innovation and its ability to positively contribute ahead of the legislative curve, the Platform brings at the table those who creatively shape the energy transition across sectors.

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