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EENA – EENA – Google
Did you know? An Uber can find you easier than an ambulance. Inaccurate emergency caller location is a huge problem for emergency services. Average accuracy in the EU is 2km. British emergency services developed Advanced Mobile Location (AML), an open-source protocol using location capabilities of smartphones instead of network antennas, and improves emergency location information dramatically. EENA saw the potential and started working to make it a reality for all Europeans. EENA established contact with Google; shortly after, AML was available in all Android phones. Activation is done country per country. Already 9 countries deployed it (including 7 EU member-states) and many others are testing. This technology is expected to save up to 7.500 lives and €95 billion in a 10-year period should it be deployed all over the EU. EENA and Google are therefore joining forces to make sure all EU citizens can benefit from this and that AML is as efficient as possible. The success of the EENA & Google cooperation lies in the complementarity between the two organisations: EENA brings its community of emergency services while Google brings its technical expertise. The results have already been astonishing – dozens of lives are saved daily thanks to it.

Erasmus Student Network
The partnership of Erasmus Student Network and Ryanair has been incredibly beneficia to the Erasmus_ communicty and has already proven to be fruitful. With the Ryanair offer Erasmus students can enjoy a 15% discount on up to 8 single or 4 return flights, a free checked-in luggage of 20 kg, tailored travel offers and many others. By 3 October 2017, so in less than 1,5 months, over 10.000 bookings were made using the ESNcard and the number is still rising drastically. We believe that, with this partnership, we are making Europe more accessible and united for all students, who get to experience the diversified European culture.

International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) – Ducker Worldwide
The collaboration between the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) and Ducker Worldwide began nearly a decade ago when IPAF commissioned them to conduct research pertaining to trends in the powered access industry’s rental market. The dataset, presented in the IPAF Rental Market Report is produced annually to recognise developments and patterns in this niche market.

The report primarily serves IPAF members who can use the report as a ‘go to’ tool when planning business growth and maximisation of return on investment.

The IPAF Rental Market Research supports the sustainability of the powered access industry as a whole by demonstrating growth potential and by enabling benchmarking. The extensive research conducted by Ducker Worldwide plays a key role in providing valuable industry intelligence.

The European Organization for Packaging and the Environment (EUROPEN) – a cross-industry joint statement co-signed by 128 EU and national organisations
EUROPEN puts forward its cross-industry joint statement on the Internal Market co-signed by 127 other industry organisations at EU and national level, which is an unprecedented industry coalition. We call on the three EU institutions to safeguard the Internal Market legal base of the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive as part of the ongoing trilogues on the Circular Economy Package. The Council’s intention is to dilute and fragment the Internal Market. The topic has a multi-stakeholder importance and impact both at EU and national level, and has political, legal, trade, economic and environmental dimensions.

Whilst we need to await the outcome of the negotiations, the impact of the statement has already proven a success in terms of industry solidarity, understanding by policy-makers and impact on the key negotiators.

Calling for an effective and strong Internal Market would benefit our association membership and wider industry in Europe (in terms of trade and scale to innovate/invest), the environment (scale to invest in sustainability) society (in terms of keeping optimal consumer prices which can benefit from the Internal Market), Member States (avoiding intra trade issues, national protectionist measures and/or legal uncertainty) and the EU (keeping the raison d’être of the EU).

Influenza Hub – ZN Consulting, Mylan, Sanofi Pasteur, IFPMA, WMA
Millions suffer from flu, but many are unsure how to prevent it, what the possible complications of flu are and who is most at risk. The WHO believes immunisation is the most effective way to prevent the flu and severe complications. However, despite all communication efforts, seasonal influenza vaccination coverage rates remain limited in Europe, even in high-priority groups.

A partnership was formed to explore alternative ways of reaching audiences and changing behaviour: ZN Consulting, the WMA, IFPMA, Mylan, Sanofi Pasteur and others developed ‘Influenza Hub’. It offers concise yet comprehensive information on symptoms, risks and prevention, and uses on-line communication to prompt people to take advantage of flu vaccination programmes It serves as the foundation for social media campaigns to provide targeted information to high-risk groups, using peer-to-peer shareable assets to connect with broader audiences.

Over 65s were the first priority group. Research showed that, while their vaccination rate is declining, their use of social media is rising. Campaigns, with humorous cartoons and videos, ran during the peak flu season in 2016 and 2017 in France and Germany, achieving 14.4% coverage with 8.1 million impressions and 5.7 million people reached out of 7.3 million active over 55s.

spiritsEUROPE with Acumen and Morris & Chapman – CETANOW
CETANOW- Add the “W” is a campaign that aimed to raise awareness of the opportunities CETA offers. The campaign provided a plateform for the silent supports who wish to have a voice in the discussions and demonstrate why CETA is a win-win proposal for Europe. Positive outcome: CETA was voted on 15 February by the European Parliament and is being ratified by the Memer Sattes. In the meantime, the agreement came provisionnaly into force on 21 September 2017. The lesson learnt: 1) be emotional and adapt to social media; 2) entertainment goes a long way…; Use good consultants; and 4) Have interns ready in the office to dress up!
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