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Accountancy Europe
Accountancy Europe is a young name with a great legacy. After 30 years of gaining credibility on the EU scene, we changed our name from the Federation of European Accountants/Fédération des experts-comptables européens (FEE) to Accountancy Europe on 7 December 2016.

We are the umbrella organisation for 50 professional bodies from 37 countries. We unite 1 million professional accountants, auditors and advisors working in all kinds of organisations. Their expertise spreads widely in areas such as finance, corporate social responsibility, audit, tax and financial advice and consultancy.

Our new tagline “Because people count” makes clear that people are at the heart of what we do, as professional accountants make numbers work for people. We believe that in this era of digitalisation, people are going to count even more. They interpret big data and exercise judgement. Machines don’t care about ethics and cannot sustain moral values.

Our 50 members are at the core of the work we carry out. They send us experts from across Europe contribute in the areas where we can make a difference (see image 2). Our stakeholders need input from accountants with ‘mud on their boots’, i.e. who work in practice every day. The on-the-ground experience of these almost 1 million accountants is what we bring to the table.

The next 30 years for Accountancy Europe look exciting, if challenging, at times. Building on solid foundations, Accountancy Europe will keep bringing people together to inform the public policy debate in Europe and beyond.

Association For Financial Markets in Europe (AFME)

AFME is the industry voice of wholesale financial institutions at European level. We advocate for deep and integrated European capital markets which serve the needs of companies and investors, supporting economic growth and benefitting society. Europe?s capital markets face unprecedented challenges, not least as a result of the Brexit process. Central to our mission is engagement with European policymakers and regulators. In the context of the evolving relationship between the EU and the UK we believe this mission is best achieved by providing a bridge between EU 27 and the UK policymakers.

We have 200 members with operations in 30 European countries, which include universal, investment and regional banks, but also other capital markets participants including law firms and rating agencies, accounting firms, and investors. Our multilingual staff have deep market and policy expertise and operate from our offices in London, Brussels, and Frankfurt. Members take part in our policy and product committees which produce 100+ consultation responses, briefing notes and reports annually. Members are kept up-to-date with policy and regulatory developments via a mix of traditional and digital media including a members? newsletter, briefing calls, Twitter and LinkedIn. They can attend 40 high-quality events a year across Europe where they can engage in industry debates and network with their peers.

AmCham EU
The American Chamber of Commerce to the EU (AmCham EU) speaks for US business committed to and invested in Europe. It comprises about 160 member companies, including the world’s largest and most prestigious corporations across all industry sectors. Thanks to its extensive network, AmCham EU has become the principal transatlantic forum for issues impacting American business in Europe.

AmCham EU is member-driven and utilises their expertise to engage with policy-makers to create a growth-oriented business and investment climate in Europe. Key priorities of the organization include ensuring a more competitive Europe and building a strong transatlantic relationship.

As a unique association, AmCham EU is committed to excellence and strives to be a thought-leader and the most valued lobbying force in the EU. The numbers of 2016 illustrate this: 400 committee and outreach meetings, + 60 position papers, 85 press mentions, 50 events and 15 delegation visits. Also in this year, Susan Danger, AmCham EU CEO, was named by Politico as one of the top 20 most influential women in Brussels. Mrs Danger’s experience continues guiding the direction of the organisation with effective solutions that have enhanced AmCham EU’s advocacy capabilities over changes in the political and economic landscape. 

Erasmus Student Network (ESN)
Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a network of 530 local student organisations (‘sections’) present in 40 countries all over Europe. ESN works with helping international students on the local, national and international level through the principle ‘enrichment of society through international studies’.

During the last year, ESN has given great value for its members through its 2000 local and international partnership, notably one with Ryanair which has already given discounts of 1.25 million EUR.

ESN’s membership satisfaction is very high; our internal evaluation tools show satisfaction rates of around 90 %. The network has also grown with about 12% per year during the last years.

Through projects like ErasmusIntern and MappED, ESN contributes to improving lives of exchange students on a broader level, by helping students find internships and by making it easier to find accessible universities for students with disabilities.

By cooperating with policy-makers on the highest level in Europe, ESN also makes sure that its members’ voices are heard when the policies and programmes governing the exchange students (for example the Erasmus+ Programme) are being shaped.

EuroACE (European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings)
EuroACE represents 13 companies involved with the manufacture, distribution and installation of energy saving goods and services (280.000 employees and 900 factories and office locations in the EU). EuroACE advocates for a more efficient use of energy in buildings, representing all technologies in a holistic manner.

We believe to be suitable for winning the award of ‘Best Association’ in 2018, on the year of our 20th anniversary, having shown a good track record on the most relevant file for our sector, the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. EuroACE, which successfully runs the Renovate Europe Campaign (101 MEPs as official supporters), organised a conference in the Parliament the day before the vote.

Our expertise is being recognised with invitations to speak, and is mirrored in a wide media coverage. EuroACE strives to reinvent innovative ways to more concretely defend its position, not only in Brussels but also nationally. All these achievements are of even greater importance, when compared to the scarce financial and human resource available. Finally, EuroACE is recognised as a major player in the “energy efficiency community”.

EuroACE members are highly satisfied with the association, as some (including at CEO level), have expressed it in our testimonials document.

SolarPower Europe
SolarPower Europe is emerging as one of the leading associations in Europe, just a couple of years since the association appeared to be in terminal decline. In January 2015, the association had just 95 members, down from 250 in 2012. Today, we once again have a membership of over 200, just three years since that low point in the history of our 32-year-old association. This includes more than 30 new members in 2017 alone.

The reason for the turn-around lies with the motivation, creativity and innovation of the SolarPower Europe team and leadership team. The current leadership team was appointed in 2014, and since then has overseen the development of a new team with a focus on member satisfaction and service delivery.

Our latest membership feedback survey found that over 70% of the members rated our services as excellent. Looking at what we have achieved in the last few years, overcoming a difficult legacy, we believe that the feedback is accurate:

  • Huge increase in revenue and membership numbers
  • Gaining much visibility and influence in the media and policy
  • World class events as recognized by participants from the highest levels of policy and industry

Union for International Cancer Control (UICC)

UICC is based in Geneva and works to unite the cancer community to reduce the global cancer burden, promote greater equity, and to integrate cancer control into the world health and development agenda. It has seen a dramatic increase in member and partner numbers in the last eight years. More than 1,000 cancer organisations work with UICC on advocacy, convening and capacity building.

UICC’s commitment to member satisfaction is yielding tremendous results. In 2017;

  • 97% of members would recommend membership to another organisation (up from 90% in 2015).
    • 86% describe their interaction with UICC as good or very good (80% in 2015)
    • 80% are satisfied or very satisfied with their membership (78% in 2015)

In the last three years, UICC’s CEO was recognised as “CEO of the Year” in 2015 at the International and European Association Awards. It was awarded “Best Congress Development” the following year. In March this year, UICC received an Association Excellence Award for the use of social and in May 2017 UICC was recognised for its commitment to its membership by receiving the “Best Membership Engagement” award at the International and European Associations Awards.

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