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Belfast City Centre Management – Retail Crimewatch
Retail Crimewatch is an information and image sharing exclusion order scheme between Belfast City Centre Management, retailers and the Police Service of Northern Ireland. The initiative allows retailers to serve civil Exclusion Orders on those found committing retail crime on their premises. Each month members receive images of individuals who are prolific shoplifters in Belfast City Centre. These individuals are banned from entering the premises of all members. The scheme currently has over 400 members.

The scheme works when a store detains an adult who has been caught shoplifting on their premises, they call the Police who subsequently arrests them. An Exclusion Order is issued to the shoplifter and signed by the business and the offender. The Exclusion Order advises the offender that from the date the order is issued, they are no longer permitted to enter the premises nor any other business that is a member of the scheme for 12 months and prevents the individual from entering any business within the scheme to commit retail crime, therefore reducing the risk of further stock loss. Retailers can issue an Exclusion Order to individuals who have been found committing theft, attempting to commit theft or going equipped for theft. 

European Aluminium – European Aluminium Industry Sustainability Roadmap: building a culture of responsibility
European Aluminium’s Sustainability Roadmap: building a culture of responsibility

Driven by experts from multiple divisions and the entire aluminium value chain (+600 plants), European Aluminium has committed as a sector -in a very detailed and result oriented manner- to follow a sustainability programme with ambitious targets and commitments for the next decade. See more here:

In 2017, the programme has become not only the core value that unites our members but also a driving force of creativity, innovation and engagement in the post-COP21 era.

Some important milestones of the programme this year:

1- An Action Plan – with yearly objectives – is driving the work of the various committees and working groups within the association, towards the implementation of the targets defined in the Sustainability Roadmap. It requires the active involvement of the whole membership.

2- Sustainability a real horizontal topic across all agendas and divisions: sustainability is always on the agenda of the bi-annual meetings of the association, at the Executive Committee and the General Assembly meetings.

3- Creation of a high level and independent Sustainability Advisory Board. It gathers former Director General of ENVI, Climate leaders experts (academia and NGO from all over Europe).

4- A game changer for our entire communications: To boost internal engagement, a dedicated communications toolkit has been developed starting with an animation (“Sustainability Roadmap: Your engagement makes the difference!”) and special visuals: a sustainability roadmap logo and instructions for use, a boilerplate and a slide deck. Please see video here:

5- Interlink with our Innovation Hub Platform: for the first time, our sustainability goals are connected with innovative breakthroughs projects led by innovation experts.

6- Data feeding constantly our sustainability indicators. Such reports are always available here:

Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) – Villa Wirbelwind
Liechtenstein’s banks are among the most modern employers in the region. The compatibility of work and family is an important topic for the Association and its member banks. With the day-care centre “Villa Wirbelwind”, opened in 2017, the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) has implemented a project that is unique across Europe, thanks to which bank employees can make use of high quality childcare for their children. In light of the challenging environment in the market for skilled workers, this is an important milestone in the safeguarding of expertise and skills within the banks, the promotion of equal opportunities and the facilitation of reintegration into working life after parental leave. In addition, the offer is a clear commitment to the bank’s location and increases the appeal of Liechtenstein as a place of work for international experts. In view of the constantly increasing demand for childcare places, this is an important step in order to ensure that the banks continue to be among the most innovative and attractive employers in the future. Furthermore, the banks in Liechtenstein are recognising their social responsibility with this project.

This initiative of an entire sector is unique and presents a model for similar projects. It creates additional value for those businesses, for which equal opportunities and the compatibility of work and family are not just lines on a page, and for all employees, particularly women, who want to exploit their full potential and develop themselves further. The uncomplicated cooperation of all parties involved brought the project forward with a real energy. There were no delays in the building work and the budget was not exceeded. In less than 2 years, a public-private partnership has resulted in an institution, which will continue to flourish over the coming years. This increases Liechtenstein’s appeal as a business location. Lastly, it is hoped that the children have as much fun as possible in the Villa Wirbelwind and are comfortable and happy there.

Petroleum Exploration Society (PESGB) – GEOLiteracy
The PESGB’s GEOLiteracy Tour was a membership initiative designed to give our members a platform on which to share their knowledge and passion with their families, friends and the wider public.

Our members demand a highly technical lecture programmes and courses on Petroleum Geology, plus its related fields, but these are never going to appeal to those outside the industry.

So, we decided to go back to the beginning and we asked, ‘what sparked our members lifelong interest in geology’? When canvassed, our members said they started their ‘journey’, with volcanos, earthquakes and dinosaurs!

Our previous initiatives have been well attended by members but with limited success with the public. In 2017 we tried a completely different approach and organised a UK tour for our speaker, working with groups and organisations we had previously funded. Our speaker is a modern day ‘Indiana Jones’ and can engage everyone from children to academics. His US fossil park shows unique evidence of the extinction of the dinosaurs.
The 9-date tour engaged over 1600 people, over 50% from outside the Society, the previous year the Society engaged 4 individuals from outside the Society.

PostEurop – Membership Survival Kit
To further drive efficiency, increase member engagement and transparency, PostEurop, the association representing national postal operators embarked to creatively design The Survival Kit – All you need to know to run a committee or working group. A fun process as we designed and pull together relevant information for what was essentially a binder containing questions and answers, guidelines and official documents to help the Chairs and Vice-Chairs of a Committee or working group to understand the functioning of the Association, which in most cases is quite different to their daily job.  The responsibility of leading a working group is a serious matter but it can also be fun for Members.  A series of webinars and training sessions were organised to allow members to learn more and provide feedback.  The manual is easy to use, relevant and updated regularly.  As a result, Chairs and Vice-Chairs can efficiently “get on with it” sooner.

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