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AmCham EU – EU Single Market
AmCham EU advocates for completing the EU Single Market to enhance competitiveness of Europe and bring prosperity to the continent. In fact without the Single Market, it would be much more difficult for our companies to operate within the EU and even reduce potential investments. Given some of the challenges in the last year, and lack of understanding of what economic and social benefits the Single Market brings its citizens, AmCham EU decided to embark on a public information campaign to raise awareness and gather more support for the European Union.

The first element involved commissioning an economic study that detailed exactly what the benefits of the Single Market were to each Member State, and what further benefits could be attained. We launched the findings in Brussels, organised press briefings and coordinated with some American Chambers of Commerce across Europe to present their local findings at conferences and through local media. An interactive, animated online version was created to spread the information even further through our website, electronic newsletter and social media. The European Commission was also involved, with Vice-President Katainen supporting both the study and the website.

The campaign has already outreached a wide audience, ranging from MEPs and Permanent Representations of Member States to the general public. So far, the campaign has been viewed by over 150.000 people on Twitter and has been mentioned by press in 8 different member states. AmCham EU and its members hope that through these efforts, we are able to contribute to the positive narrative around the value of the Single Market and the EU as a whole.

eurelectric – Electrification Campaign- #itsElectric
The European electricity sector is fully committed to decarbonisation and fully supports the Paris Agreement objectives. We see decarbonisation as essential to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the global economy and are fully committed to lead this transition.

As the European electricity sector pursues its commitment to deliver carbon neutral electricity in Europe, electricity becomes an obvious choice for driving sustainability.

The sector has undertaken significant investment to substantially reduce its GHG emissions, and has already reduced its carbon intensity by over 35%.

The increasing demand for electricity is at the heart of the climate change challenge and has the potential to be a key part of the solution. With electricity becoming increasingly low carbon, replacing fossil-based systems with electric technologies provides a pathway to decarbonise sectors of the economy, in particular the transport and heating/cooling sectors.

In 2017, eurelectric launched a multichannel communications campaign aimed at revealing Electrification as the key vehicle for achieving a decarbonised, competitive and energy independent Europe. eurelectric maximised the effectiveness of the campaign through sustained and coordinated media efforts, building and nurturing partnerships and exploiting multiple communications channels, including a dedicated digital campaign on social media.

European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) – safeguarding the competitiveness of European manufacturing industries
Cefic has long been advocating the need for an ambitious EU industrial strategy that would help the chemical industry remain competitive vis-à-vis other regions enjoying a less stringent regulatory environment and unlimited access to carbon-based energy sources. However, the European Commission was not convinced that a specific strategy was needed.

in order to change the Commission’s attitude, Cefic worked closely with other EU associations representing other manufacturing industry sectors to build a strong alliance and push out the same key message showing that the competitiveness of the EU industry is necessary to promote growth and jobs. Cefic also built allies among EU member states sympathetic to this cause and extensively engaged with the member states hosting the Presidency of the Council of the EU.

As a result, in September 2017 the European Commission issued a Renewed Industrial Strategy for Europe.

The combination of traditional advocacy at the highest EU and member state level and targeted communication reaching the right people responsible for setting political agenda at the right time has led to the success of the campaign.

European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) – With or Without Campaign
As the ambassador of the crop protection (pesticide) industry in Europe, ECPA launched a creative and bold campaign to explain the realities of crop production and the benefits pesticides bring. It is designed to address concerns and misunderstandings about pesticides, their use and safety.

Public knowledge about agriculture and food production in Europe is limited. Many people have an idealistic vision of food production that does not consider the challenges faced by the farmer, and the magnitude of the food supply problem. These factors often prevent informed discussions about the role of pesticides in the future of sustainable crop production from even taking place.

Primary focus of the campaign is the Brussels community, this includes media/news outlets both in Brussels (but also well in member states).

ECPA is now, when compared to a select group of peers, the trade association that is most highly spoken of by key decision makers, including Members of the European Parliament. At the European Commission, favourable impressions of ECPA have increased by 13 percentage points. A critical target of the campaign was reached in November 2017 when EU Member States voted to extend the license for glyphosate for a further five years.

Challenging negative preconceptions about crop protection is a long-term initiative and persistent engagement is essential. Using a mix of creative approaches, the With or Without campaign will continue to inform the debate using fact-based dialogue, and the building blocks for an expanded EU campaign in 2018 are already in place.

European Insulation Manufacturers Association (EURIMA) – “Unleash the Power of Insulation”
Eurima is the European Insulation Manufacturers Association representing the interests of all major mineral wool insulation producers throughout Europe.

Over the last 20 years, and still at full speed today, Eurima has made a substantial contribution to the EU energy efficiency debate by actively promoting, as frontrunner, smart EU policymaking whereby all benefits of energy efficiency, energy efficiency in buildings and building renovation are being adequately considered, so that very low or zero energy buildings can become the norm, European jobs can be created and we can all spend less on energy bills whilst contributing to a better environment.

The Pop-Art style of the campaign was chosen to symbolise the fact that stakeholders need to take a different look at energy policy to enable structural change and progress. The Campaign was designed to make the invisible contribution of insulation visible, to emphasize the potential and to promote one of the largest “hidden sources of energy”. It has contributed to changing mind-sets and moving boundaries across industrial sectors and political movements, fostering cooperation between NGO’s and Industry while contributing to a regulatory framework that must deliver our COP21 goals and facilitate the EU energy transition.

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