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Concawe (a division of the European Petroleum Refiners Association) – Water, Soil and Waste Management Group Interactive Communication Tool
Concawe has been carrying out research on environmental issues relevant to refining for more than 50 years. As such, Concawe regularly generates a vast amount of data and technical information which needs to be delivered to members in an attractive and easy-to-access format. This is what motivated the Concawe Water, Soil and Waste Management Group (WSWMG) to develop an interactive tool with some of the related risks that the EU refining sector faces and how the group’s activities are addressing these risks. Members can now access an online microsite with information about 12 different risks and 26 different projects

EDANA – Market Intelligence Department
2017: Marking 10 years of service development of EDANA’s Market Intelligence Department
Based on a long-established foundation of trust with members, EDANA annually compiles data collected directly from around 90 producers of nonwovens within the European industry with the results carefully analysed and presented in a yearly report

In 2015 EDANA launched its Statistics app. Constantly evaluated and updated, the app has evolved greatly since launch to match the industry’s continuous development in terms of production processes, raw materials, and emerging markets segments. In 2017, featuring now more than 125 downloadable tables, graphs & articles, the EDANA Statistics app has become a unique source of accurate market data and is seen by the global nonwovens industry leaders as the authoritative point of reference for definitions, methodology and market data.

Also in its role as the leading global association for the nonwovens industry, EDANA continued to act in favour of the harmonization of product & market definitions worldwide, notably in conjunction with important Asian stakeholders.

In its recent global exhibition INDEX™17, EDANA decided to innovate by launching the Continental Briefings, gathering associations from other regions of the world to present the status of the global nonwovens industry worldwide.

International Powered Access Federation(IPAF) – IPAF Rental Report 2017
The IPAF Rental Market Report is a unique set of data pertaining to trends in the powered access machinery industry. The International Powered Access Federation (IPAF) is a trade association for this industry with over 1,300 members and its primary aim is to promote the safe and effective use of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (known as ‘MEWPs’) worldwide.

The IPAF Rental Market Research Report is produced annually for IPAF by Ducker Worldwide to support the sustainability of the powered access industry by demonstrating growth potential and by enabling benchmarking.

Data contained within the report includes trends and dynamics, operational indicators (investment, age of fleet, application), fleet size, fleet mix and evolution, a breakdown by region and machine type, ranking of construction and non-construction sub-sector, MEWP rental revenue, and return on investment/average payback period by equipment type.

The publication has built a reputation as the definite, ‘go-to’ guide to the powered access industry’s rental market. The data within the report is highly insightful and valuable to key decision makers within powered access rental businesses; the report is a tool to inform planning, indicating where investment would be best made as part of market development, forecasting, and to optimise profitability.

Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) – targeted regulatory monitoring and issue management
As a member of the European Economic Area (EEA) since 1 May 1995, Liechtenstein, like member states of the EU, is required to implement and apply European Union legal acts in national law once they have been incorporated into the EEC acquis. Through its membership of the EEA, Liechtenstein benefits from direct access to the EU single market (EU passport), the principle of non-discrimination, the four fundamental freedoms, common rules on competition as well as flanking and horizontal policies.

However, the EEA membership also poses challenges due to the EEA’s two-pillar structure with its own bodies and a separate procedure for incorporating EU legal acts into the EEA’s legal framework. In order to recognise these and international trends at an early stage, the Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA), in the interest of its member banks, monitors current legal developments both in the EU/EEA area and worldwide. For the purpose of providing support and concise information to its members in the area of regulatory monitoring, the Liechtenstein Bankers Association has established a comprehensive issue management and regulatory monitoring and examines EEA-relevant EU legal acts as well as international requirements and standards. To this end, the association periodically makes available to its members information on current developments relating to the relevant agreements, directives and regulations.

The purpose of the LBA regulatory monitoring is to show foresight in following and supporting the entire process, starting with EU and international legislation (white papers, legislative proposals), through the parliamentary process, the incorporation of EU legal acts into the EEA agreement and its implementation in Liechtenstein law, and to get involved in the relevant committees at an early stage at both a European and national level.

The Liechtenstein Bankers Association is competing for the Best Provision of Industry Information and Intelligence Award, because it demonstrates how, with the right issue management, the flood of international regulation not only can be handled but also may be seized upon as an opportunity, even for small associations.

Radiocentre – persuading decision makers to see radio differently
Radiocentre is the industry body for commercial radio. We work on behalf of over 40 stakeholders who operate 278 licensed radio stations across the UK and represent 90% of commercial radio in terms of listening and revenue.

On behalf of our members Radiocentre aims to drive radio industry advertising revenue by promoting the benefits of radio to advertisers and agencies, and provide UK commercial radio with a collective voice on issues that affect the way that radio stations operate, working with government, politicians, policy makers and regulators to secure the best environment for growth and development of the medium.

The role of Radiocentre’s research is to underpin these activities and help decision makers to ‘See Radio Differently’ by providing thought leadership and knowledge resource for the commercial radio industry and its stakeholders.

Across 2016/17 our members have enjoyed record ad revenues against the backdrop of a stagnant wider market. The work Radiocentre does to keep radio buoyant has made a massive contribution to that success.

Recruitment & Employment Confederation – The Scale Up Workbook: How to deliver customer service excellence
The REC’s “Scale Up Workbook: How to deliver customer service excellence” highlights what we know about customer experience more generally and places it within the context of the recruitment industry. Specifically, it drew on changes in the customer experience as well as the changing consumer landscape to present ways in which the recruitment industry can respond in the next few years.

The workbook shows the importance of the customer experience in improving overall performance, and specifically financial performance, for recruitment businesses and their employees (consultants and managers). We recognised that recruiters have a diverse customer base, but for the purpose of the report, the focus is primarily on clients, with some reference to candidates.

The workbook was well received and downloaded by more than 1,500 REC members.

SolarPower Europe – Global Market and Policy Data
There is a major need for accurate market information in the solar sector. Solar power is growing faster than any other form of electricity generation in the world, therefore accurate market intelligence is becoming increasingly important for businesses to take advantage of all the market opportunities that are arising. This is why SolarPower Europe produces the Global Market Outlook for Solar.

With over 17,000 downloads in 2017, the report is highly sought after by industry, policymakers, journalists and NGOs. The launch event of the report took place in the opening ceremony of Intersolar Europe, Europe’s biggest solar exhibition and conference.

The launch was high profile and the visiting Indian Minister of Energy, Piyush Goyal was presented with a copy of the report, emphasising its uniquely global appeal.

Overall, the report proved a major success for the association:
– It supported our member recruitment.
– It provided huge visibility for the association and solar in the media.
– It supported our policy aims by highlighting the key asks we have in the current legislative proposals.
– It allowed the association to innovate and provide more services to our members

SolarPower Europe’s Global Market Outlook is the must-read publication for anyone interested in the energy transition.

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