Best Communications Campaign by an Association with a Secretariat with 10 or less people

APEAL – Circulation economy animation campaign
APEAL launched a campaign in November 2016 to highlight the benefits of the circular economy and the role steel for packaging plays in helping achieve the goals and objectives set out in the European Commission’s Circular Economy Package.

The circular economy animation is 2 minutes and 58 seconds in length and communicates the importance of the circular economy to businesses and consumers. The video content explains why the circular economy is important and the many benefits of steel packaging which are already contributing to its objectives.

The animation campaign adopted a multimedia, integrated approach that made use of both digital and tradition media platforms, ultimately achieving impressive global reach and industry recognition for the quality of the film produced.

BSA | The Software Alliance – Media Relations Campaign
BSA | The Software Alliance over-exceeded its annual target of media coverage in top-tier European press before the end of the 2017. By the end of October, we saw a 46% increase of our media mentions (reaching 60 mentions), which is more than double of our initial target of 20%. Our accessible language and careful targeting helped us go beyond the “usual Brussels suspects” (Financial Times, WSJ, Reuters, POLITICO, EurActiv, Agence Europe, MLex and others where we have a great number of mentions) and secure hits with key reporters and media in European capitals, such as Handelsblatt, FAZ, Le Figaro, Contexte, Deutsche Welle, BBC, Tech Crunch.

This result is particularly important in a year when digital economy has been brought to the forefront of EU policy debates and competition for the limited media space is “fierce” between trade associations, corporations, NGOs, think-tanks and law firms who try to place their point of view in key media.

CES – Silicones Europe – Si. Smart. Sustainable. Surprising.
When people think about silicones, window sealants or baking moulds are often the first things that come to mind. But there are many uses, from healthcare to renewable energy, which the industry wants to raise awareness about. “Si. Smart. Sustainable. Surprising.” was developed by CES and its members as a cross-channel communications campaign, anchored by a four-part mini docu-series, to position silicones as essential “enablers” tackling key challenges in several economic sectors: healthcare, energy, construction, and technology.

Each video features an interview with real people at work in their respective sectors, who explain in their own words the impact that silicones have in their industry. The videos are released with a wide-reaching promotional campaign, targeting audiences ranging from the chemicals sector at large to the documentary’s specific target sector, as well as European policymakers. It aims to bring back the bigger picture about silicone applications, their benefits and the industry’s contribution to the European economy in a debate that is often very technical and science-focused. The campaign has successfully reached a wide variety of stakeholders across sectors, spreading the message that – put simply – silicones make things work better.

European Heat Pump Association and partners – DecarbHeat
At the COP21, nations agreed to limit global warming to below 2°C, which requires zero carbon emissions. The heating & cooling sector comprises 51% of final energy consumption and contributes about 27% of EU carbon emissions. The DecarbHeat initiative brings together all stakeholders behind one clear vision: a 100% carbon emission-free, efficient European heating & cooling sector by 2050!

The DecarbHeat consists of three basic elements: an Industry Pledge for industry, a set of Guiding Policy Principles for policy makers and a Declaration of Support for non-industry stakeholders. The documents received in total 71 signatures, among others from Prince Laurent of Belgium, Céline Frémault, Brussels Minister of Energy and Environment and two MEPs. Maroš Šefčovič, Vice-President of EC, and Dominique Ristori, DG for Energy, warmly welcomed this initiative.

The DecarbHeat initiative managed to increase the awareness of the need to decarbonise EU heating and cooling sector. However, this movement is gaining more and more attention, thus expanding far above the initial sector and uniting with other interested industries. With partners including AEBIOM, EHP & EGEC It is now time for the EU industry to build a carbon emission-free future

European Plasticisers – PVC Value-Chain Media Field Trip
European Plasticisers, the trade association representing chemical companies that produce around 90% of the plasticisers manufactured in Europe, has been organising media field trips for five consecutive years. Journalists from international trade publications are invited to spend two days learning about the PVC value chain and the sustainability work of the VinylPlus programme which provides a large part of the funding.

So far, there have been visits to production facilities in five different countries by journalists from more than 30 different publications. In addition to immediate coverage, these trips have been instrumental in building strong and long-lasting relationships with the participating media. Journalists are now better informed about how PVC is manufactured and the role of plasticisers. They frequently reach out to European Plasticisers for comments and additional information when writing stories about the substances it represents.

CETANOW- Add the “W” is a campaign that aimed to raise awareness of the opportunities CETA offers. The campaign provided a plateform for the silent supports who wish to have a voice in the discussions and demonstrate why CETA is a win-win proposal for Europe. Positive outcome: CETA was voted on 15 February by the European Parliament and is being ratified by the Memer Sattes. In the meantime, the agreement came provisionnaly into force on 21 September 2017. The lesson learnt: 1) be emotional and adapt to social media; 2) entertainment goes a long way…; Use good consultants; and 4) Have interns ready in the office to dress up!
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