Best Communications Campaign by an Association with a Secretariat with more than 10 people

Accountancy Europe – Rebranding to Accountancy Europe
Our rebranding from the Federation of European Accountants / Fédération des Experts-comptables Européens (FEE) to Accountancy Europe centred around increasing value for our Members and visibility for the European accountancy profession.

Our new tagline ”Because people count” makes clear that people are at the heart of what we do, as professional accountants make numbers work for people. We believe that in this era of digitalisation, people are going to count even more. They interpret big data and exercise judgement. Machines don’t care about ethics and cannot sustain moral values.

Because people count, they needed to be part of the rebranding process. Engaging our Team, Board and Members built a consensus on refreshing our corporate identity.

9 months into our rebranding journey, we are overwhelmed by the positive feedback we have received. We have seen the following developments from when we launched our new brand and website on 7 December 2017 until 30 September 2017:

  • Employee engagement – our team is increasingly active on social media and take pride in their ‘new’ employer
  • Members shared our name change widely and sent us examples of how they used the toolkit
  • Website – we already have 52,000 visits from more diverse visitors than we did for
  • More people also downloaded our publications and signed up for our events. We went from around 500 participants per year previously, to already 760 in the first 9 months of 2017
  • Social media – our followers’ base has increased on Twitter (36%), LinkedIn (34%), and Facebook (123%).
  • Newsletter – the number of subscribers increased by 160%, with 6,900 now compared to 2,650 before the rebranding. 

AEBIOM – The European Biomass Association – The European Bioenergy Day
Many Europeans today lack a clear understanding of where the EU stands in the development of renewables. This is particularly true when considering bioenergy, which makes up 61% of the total share of clean energy produced in Europe. While strides have been made, such progress is hard to visualise. That’s where The European Bioenergy Day campaign comes in: spreading Europe’s energy consumption across the calendar year shows that in 2017, Europe relies on fossil and nuclear energy from January 1st to October 26th for a total of 299 days. From October 27th onwards, Europe relies on renewables for the last 66 days of the year. Bioenergy contributes to 41 days of this total, starting on November 21st.

Promoting this comparison is at the heart of the European Bioenergy Day campaign; to engage citizens and decision-makers alike while providing a meaningful reference point that encourages The Bioenergy Day to fall earlier every year and overtake fossil fuels

Launched by AEBIOM, this pan-European campaign is supported by over 40 national associations and EU trade federations to raise awareness on the commitments and solutions offered by Europe’s leading renewable industry during this critical moment for the energy transition.

amfori – It’s Time for Trade with Purpose
Time for Trade with Purpose: Embracing a New Vision and Brand for our Association
The world as we know is changing. To ensure our organisation is fit to answer the current and future needs of our members we have worked on a new strategy: Vision 2030. Developing it meant questioning how we work, from services we offered to brand identity. As a result, we have a new name and brand: amfori – trade with purpose.

Our communication campaign aimed at raising awareness of the opportunities of the new vision and name, for members to positively vote on it on the by-laws. We wanted them to be aware of the change but also confident in it. We used expected channels with an unexpected approach, embracing our tagline ‘Trade With Purpose’ as a thread.

Once approved, a second phase of the campaign prepared members and actors who make our work possible ready for the change. To date 78% of our membership is fully aware of amfori, with only 8% requiring more information and materials. The story is just beginning for Vision 2030 and amfori, our campaign was key to build future confidence and pride in it.

eurelectric – Campaign on Electrification – #itsElectric
The European electricity sector is fully committed to decarbonisation and fully supports the Paris Agreement objectives. We see decarbonisation as essential to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the global economy and are fully committed to lead this transition.

As the European electricity sector pursues its commitment to deliver carbon neutral electricity in Europe, electricity becomes an obvious choice for driving sustainability.

The sector has undertaken significant investment to substantially reduce its GHG emissions, and has already reduced its carbon intensity by over 35%.

The increasing demand for electricity is at the heart of the climate change challenge and has the potential to be a key part of the solution. With electricity becoming increasingly low carbon, replacing fossil-based systems with electric technologies provides a pathway to decarbonise sectors of the economy, in particular the transport and heating/cooling sectors.

In 2017, eurelectric launched a multichannel communications campaign aimed at revealing Electrification as the key vehicle for achieving a decarbonised, competitive and energy independent Europe.

eurelectric maximised the effectiveness of the campaign through sustained and coordinated media efforts, building and nurturing partnerships and exploiting multiple communications channels, including a dedicated digital campaign on social media.

European Aluminium / Alupro UK (License holder) – Every Can Counts
Every Can Counts is a unique pan-European behaviour change campaign working to encourage people to recycle the beverage cans they use when they are away from home. It is born in 2008 in the UK with an aim to target the estimated 30% of beverage cans consumed away from home in Europe, i.e. those very often not captured by municipal or domestic recycling schemes.

Within eight years the Every Can Counts network has been growing from one to 14 countries with regular activities organised at large events, work, schools, sports clubs and fairs just to name a few. In 2016 around 21 million Europeans have been reached with the Every Can Counts messaging, we established 15,000 branded collection points and took part actively in more than 600 events!

The Every Can Counts visuals and messaging are designed to combine fun and a ‘call to action’. Essentially the name Every Can Counts promotes the belief that even one can collected and recycled can already make a difference. Campaign messages are simple but powerful – ‘a can to a can in sixty days’ and ‘infinitely recyclable’ are used to underpin the manifold unique sustainability aspects of the beverage can.

European Crop Protection Association – With or Without
As the ambassador of the pesticide industry in Europe, the European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) needs a creative and bold communication campaign to explain to key audiences the realities of crop production and the benefits that pesticides can bring. ‘With or Without Pesticides?’ seeks to open up the discourse on modern agriculture and the need for pesticides.

2016, the first year of the campaign, was marked by the ‘Great Pesticides Debate’ in the Bibliothèque Solvay, following which ECPA’s Graeme Taylor went on to host a “Farmers Unfiltered” Facebook Live post-debate discussion (garnering nearly 59K views). According to an annual IPSOS survey, the association’s proactive communication on crop protection has made the organisation the most highly spoken of among its peers by Brussels media and MEPs.

Year two of the “With or Without” campaign broadened the focus from Brussels to national audiences (so far in Denmark, Portugal, Romania, Spain and Hungary), continuing to challenge negative preconceptions through persistent engagement and fact-based dialogue, and the building blocks for an expanded EU campaign in 2018 are already in place.

VDMA – #europeworks

#europeworks is the pro-European social media campaign by the mechanical engineering industry association VDMA. With this campaign, VDMA got engaged in the public discussion on the future of the EU with one important message: European integration is key for our future freedom and prosperity. With #europeworks, VDMA contributed effectively to the fight against populism and nationalism in Europe and established the mechanical engineering industry as a strong defender of the ties that bind the European countries together.

Over the course of six months, from the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Rome Treaty to the federal German election, #europeworks was promoted via the social media channels Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and on VDMA’s own internet presence. Overwhelmingly positive feedback from VDMA’s membership, politicians and the broad public proved a sustainable added value for the European idea, strongly supported by the mechanical engineering industry. The 3,200 member companies of VDMA were invited to participate by sharing the contents of #europeworks in their own social media channels and websites, thus becoming an active resonator of the campaign.

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