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Entries for the 2017 awards are now closed

To receive advance notice of the 2018 European Association Awards please complete this short form here.

If you didn’t take part this year but plan to in 2018, do come along to experience the excitement of the awards ceremony, and celebrate the achievements of your peers. It’s a great opportunity to network and find out what you need to aim for in 2018.  Reserve your places now.

What are the benefits of entering The European Association Awards?

The European Association Awards recognise excellence and exceptional quality delivered by associations across Europe. By entering these awards you will:

  • Bring increased credibility to your association
  • Elevate the profile of your association through extensive marketing and branding
  • Inspire your members, boards, committees and employees
  • Strengthen your public profile

We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 event and you taking part in the 2018 awards.


To show excellence in associations is important to improve visibility and to increase our network`s footprint. We are generating industry`s insights in cooperative banking. Proximity to the customers, responsibility for the region and partnership with small and mid-sized enterprises are the leading principles of CIBP members. The European Association Award may help us in our collective mission to empower customers, members and regional economies.
Andrea Karner, Secretary General, CIBP


In our chaotic economic circumstances in Europe, membership of an association, in particular a European association, is increasingly seen as a luxury rather than a necessity. Against this backdrop, associations need to raise their game, making themselves an indispensable partner in their member communities. I think the awards initiative provides another good opportunity to make best practice visible and benchmark excellence now, all of which should contribute to promoting the association excellence we need to aspire to in future, in our fast evolving market.
Ulrich Paetzold, Director General, European Construction Industry Federation (FIEC)