Finalist’s Summaries

Best Association Website

European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) –

EACA represents over 2,500 communications agencies and agency associations across 31 European countries and the needs and challenges of its members are at the core of EACA’s communications. That is why EACA decided to redesign its website, with the ultimate goal of providing members and visitors with a more modern, user-friendly website which better reflects EACA’s, as well as its members’, spirit. Since its main stakeholders are part of the creative industry, the former website had become outdated and wasn’t delivering either the results or the experience that EACA wanted for its visitors. The new website was created with our target audience, our members, in mind. A great deal of thought went into the new site’s design, usability, content, feature functionality and overall appearance. As a result, this new simplified design, with visuals on almost every page, colourfulness and relevance of information, makes this website a great tool to communicate with, and for, the members, as well as for all marketing communications professionals and everyone interested in the advertising industry. The new website was launched on 5 September 2016 as part of a complete new corporate identity for EACA and as an important component of the Association?s wider digital strategy.

European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) – Inspire! By EACA

‘Inspire! By EACA’ is a completely newly-built website. It is a single European hub for education and training opportunities in the commercial communications industry. It brings together four main stakeholders: students, academics, young and senior professionals. It aims to raise industry standards, develop talent and boost dialogue and co-operation by providing innovative and customised training solutions.

The website is user-friendly and easy to navigate, combining bright colours, lots of visual images and videos and a consistent design that reoccurs on all pages.

The homepage is structured into four target groups represented by visual icons and invites the visitor to make a selection based on their profile. Once on their target group main page, the visitor is guided through more options, tailored to their profile.

Since its launch on 5 September 2016, the website has received excellent feedback from all its stakeholders and visitors. It is mobile friendly, receives regular updates in the News & Events section and encourages visitors to engage on social media. In two months, more than 1400 users have visited the website, with an excellent ratio of 60% new to 40% returning visitors. We are particularly proud that the average session duration is more than 4 minutes.

European Aluminium –

In April 2016, European Aluminium launched a new website. We wanted to create a hub that would centralise relevant and easily accessible information, connected to other social media platforms. We reimagined our new website with one key idea in mind: design & user experience. We envisioned a modern aesthetic interface that would be easy to use, intuitive and would provide the best experience possible. Since the launch, we saw a significant increase in Brussels-based traffic and continue to receive positive comments from our members and the general public alike.

Eurometaux –

Eurometaux’s new website was launched in October 2016, and sets a leading standard of innovation, simplicity and user-engagement.

The website’s simple structure and concise content have been tailored to Eurometaux’s primary target audience of EU policy makers. A striking look and feel showcases the sector’s modernity, helping to take non-ferrous metals firmly into the 21st century.

The website also features several innovations, including an integrated policy blog, and interactive web documentaries that give an engaging introduction to the metals industry.

Throughout the website, Eurometaux’s staff members have been placed at the forefront, with the credentials of each staff member boosted through their policy pages and thought-leader blogs.

Although only launched in October, the website has already improved our engagement with target users. Average viewing time and pages viewed have more than doubled, and the website attracted over 1,000 unique Belgium-based visitors in its first week.

More meaningful data will be available after the first few months of operation. In the meantime, first-time users have referred to the website’s ‘high benchmark’, which ‘reflects best practice across the board’.

European Flavour Association (EFFA) –

EFFA’s new website reflects our pride in the flavouring industry and our commitment to transmit the benefits and added value they bring to our life and society. It shows the work of the association and at the same time is a comprehensive resource about the flavour industry in Europe for both the general public and specialised audiences.

Febelfin Academy –

In 2014 Febelfin Academy devised a completely new communication strategy intended to support Febelfin Academy’s continued expansion as a training institute.

In addition to an overview of Febelfin Academy’s complete course selection, the website also contains updates about current themes in the industry and regulations. This makes the website the go-to reference for staying up-to-date on any developments regarding training in the financial sector.

The main objective of the new website is the user experience. When developing the new website, the challenge was ensuring optimal access to the training courses on offer, while at the same time communicating the Febelfin Academy’s unique standing. In other words, the right balance had to be found.

The purpose for 2015 was to improve the perception and awareness of Febelfin Academy based on a new corporate identity, a new website and optimisation of communication through various channels. We achieved the following results: The number of visitors has increased by 40% in 2016 compared to 2015, with a marked increase in the number of new visitors; The number of registrations has increased by 35% in 2016 compared to 2015.

Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) –

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) is the professional body for the recruitment industry. The REC represents 3,349 corporate members who have branches across all regions of the UK. In addition, the REC represents 5,759 individual members within the Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP). All members must abide by a code of professional practice. Above all, the REC is committed to raising standards and highlighting excellence throughout the recruitment industry. The REC has two separate memberships; The REC website which represents recruitment businesses (REC Membership) jobseekers, employers, policymakers and the IRP site individuals working in recruitment (The Institute of Recruitment Professionals – IRP), international.

The aim of the REC website is be a daily resource for all audiences and stakeholders in the recruitment and employment industry. It provides access to recruitment industry research, legal resources, business services, events, training and best practice information. It uses a responsive design platform allowing members to access information through desktop, mobile and tablet functions.


Best Use of Social Media

European Crop Protection Association (ECPA) – With or Without Pesticides?

Is there a definition for a successful campaign? We would argue that in today’s digitally globalised world, no such norm exists. And in Brussels, particularly, every working approach is different. Europe’s capital has a truly unique dynamic: a multitude of industry alliances, NGOs, consumer groups and other special interest organisations; a vast array of EU-focused-start-ups working right alongside multinational corporates; a plethora of EU institutions and ubiquitous party politics.

In 2015, the communications team at European Crop Protection Association (ECPA), the organisation representing Europe’s pesticide industry, wanted to create a long-term, multi-market campaign. We selected two agencies, both specialised in social media strategy, content creation and execution. Working collaboratively, the team has provided ECPA with a dynamic campaign, which included social media content that really works.

The European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) – Friends of Glass “Endless Lives of Glass”

The European Container Glass Federation – FEVE is the official voice of the European glass packaging industry. Its consumer engagement platform ‘Friends of Glass’ was created to encourage more people to choose glass packaging.

We wanted to stop people in their tracks and think about glass packaging, so the strategy of the 2016 campaign was to get supermarket shoppers in conversation with a ‘talking bottle’ about the benefits of glass. We identified supermarket locations in six European countries; the UK, France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Poland – and recruited comedians to be the voice of the bottle in each market. Hidden cameras were used to film shoppers’ reactions, with the comedians in a control room watching the action on a TV screen and surprising shoppers as the bottle ‘woke up’ and began talking to them.

Video footage was promoted via paid advertising and targeted posts across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, with comedians sharing via their personal social presences and short teasers created to entice consumers to watch the full videos.

Results: Over 14 million people have watched the social media video content; 37,5 million Social Media engagements with European consumers through social media content published, up by 61% on 2015; The community has grown to over 112,508 Friends, up by 38% on 2015; 230 media clippings in 7 markets, including coverage in Le Figaro, Mail Online and Corriere Della Sera

FIDI Global Alliance – Content Marketing Campaign

FIDI, a global federation of intercontinental movers, has always taken great care of its members, through carefully thought-out programs in education, quality and financial security. But the global mobility world is changing rapidly, for FIDI members, for their customers and therefore also for FIDI itself. In the beginning of 2016, FIDI took a bold decision, to partially shift the traditional inward looking focus on the members to the outside world, to the end customers of our members. With the help of a communication agency a program was launched to identify these end customers, their profile and needs, and to develop content aimed at answering their queries and concerns, in the earliest stage of their expatriation process.

The step was bold indeed. Firstly because this had never been done before at FIDI. But secondly also because FIDI’s members traditionally shielded their customers from any direct involvement of FIDI. By communicating openly and by showing the direct benefits for the members, the program was approved and launched in April 2016.

This is the story of a conservative association, opening its windows to the world.

FoodDrinkEurope – Best Use of Social Media

Social media has long been an essential element of FoodDrinkEurope’s communication strategy. Over the years, we have further developed our approach to make social media a systematic component of every initiative we launch.

Since creating our Twitter account in 2011, we have had a constant and regular increase of followers, with a definite leap forward over the last 2 years, from 2 000 in 2014 to 10 000 last October (2016). These 10 000 follwers clearly put FoodDrinkEurope in the lead – by far – amongst European trade associations and NGOs. Every project launched by FoodDrinkEurope benefits from a specific Twitter support plan. Videos have been produced to support particular campaigns. Quoted images have been created to highlight special events. Every event organised by FoodDrinkEurope or attended by a colleague benefits from live-tweeted images, thus feeding into a more lively account.

Last June (2016) FooddrinkEurope launched a Facebook account to broaden its social media engagement. It allows for more detailed information to be circulated and better targeting of audience groups (demographics, location, ages, etc).

FuelsEurope – Saves More Than Fuel

Historically, the oil and refining industry has been perceived as being in denial about climate change and is often portrayed as one of the main contributors to the rise in temperatures and emissions. However, ahead of the 2015 COP21 UN Climate Change conference in Paris, FuelsEurope, the trade association representing more than 40 companies conducting oil refinery operations in the EU, took the bold step of recognising that climate change is real and warrants action.

‘Save More Than Fuel’ is an online campaign aimed at encouraging drivers to be more energy-conscious and reduce their fuel consumption, and therefore their emissions – by following ten simple tips. Each of the tips was transformed into a humorous video including picturesque and memorable. There is no spoken text or voiceover to make sure the videos can work across different languages and cultures. The website and tips are available in 23 languages.

Since its launch, ‘Save More Than Fuel’ has reached well over 100,000 views for all combined videos and registered almost 42,000 page views. Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter have been used extensively to promote the campaign and the videos.

Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) – IRP Awards Shortlisted Selfies

The REC’s Institute of Recruitment Professionals (IRP) is the professional body for individual recruiters in the United Kingdom. We currently have over 9,500 members. The idea of the shortlisted campaign was simple. We designed boards with IRP Awards branding and a circle cut out in the middle, and created a ‘You’ve been shortlisted’, what to do next? instructional infographic to be sent out to everyone who made the shortlist. The campaign surpassed our targets and expectations. It more than doubled our engagement levels on Twitter, and lead to increased ticket sales for the IRP Awards evening.


Best Association Magazine or Publication

Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) – Publication: ‘Bridiging The Growth Gap’

The AFME ‘BCG: Bridging The Growth Gap’ is an analysis of the differences between EU and US financing in the areas of SMEs, infrastructure and private placements. The report canvasses the views of some of the largest global investors and shows how the fragmentation of Europe’s financial markets and relatively smaller size of aggregate investable assets act as a brake on growth when compared with the US.

More than 20 years after the birth of the European Union, the institutional investors interviewed told us that issues such as differences between national regulations were still holding back growth. Our research also suggested that Europe is over-reliant on bank funding, and that Europe’s capital markets are significantly underdeveloped compared to the US. Our findings are extremely topical at a time when the Commission is developing its CMU and has recently announced the extension of the (EFSI).

AFME and our bank members are eager to help play our part in improving Europe’s financing gap.  We are also helping to educate SMEs, investors and other stakeholders through guides. Working collaboratively, we all have a key part to play in helping support growth across the EU.

British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) – The Bulletin

The British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) is the leading trade association for the UK’s frozen food sector. One of its major communications tools is The Bulletin, a bi-monthly magazine for members. Almost 1,000 copies of the magazine are sent every two months to the BFFF’s 300 plus members. Additional copies are circulated around the wider food industry and to key opinion formers and influencers such as government departments and MPs.

Following a major overhaul of the design and content of the magazine, The Bulletin now competes with paid for UK trade magazine such as The Grocer and Food Manufacture. This has been achieved with tighter deadlines and sharper news values, which have ensured the editorial content is fresher, more relevant and leads the magazine’s content.

Reaction from readers has been excellent. A typical unprompted response was: “I got in this morning to be greeted by a new look The Bulletin! It had a light clean feel about it, less wordy and a fresher style, much improved!”

Ecsite – Spokes Magazine

Ecsite, the European network of science centres and museums, proudly presents the Spokes magazine. Born from a strategic turn taken by Ecsite in widening its membership and setting itself an ambitious society-wide mission, Spokes has become a powerful agent to raise science engagement organisations’ profile as actors of social change, advancing Ecsite’s vision to foster creativity and critical thinking in European society, emboldening citizens to engage with science.

The decision to make high quality contents freely available to all online, combined with a bold editorial line and elegant design, has made our new publication a must-read on the European science communication scene – in 18 months’ time.   Moreover, we elegantly reconciled the ambition to reach the widest possible audience with the imperative of providing exclusive member benefits by distilling the best of freely accessible online contents into a members-only annual paper volume, Spokes Panorama.

Spokes demonstrates that small associations can strategically leverage limited funds into innovative communications solutions, harnessing our greatest asset as networks and federations: the collective expertise and inspiring personal stories of passionate professionals.

European Lotteries Association – EL MAGAZINE –

From paper to screen: the digitalisation of el magazine and the evolution of the european lottery sector.

EL Magazine is the new online tool of the European State Lotteries and Toto Association. Three times per year the magazine, and its related newsletter, bring internal and external stakeholders updates on consumer and sectoral trends, interviews with the CEOs of member companies, a mixture of breaking news and regular updates from the association, and messages from industry partners and suppliers.

EL Magazine demonstrates the ambition of a sector which is going to great lengths to communicate the transformation it is facing: new technologies, customers demanding greater engagement and transparency, and a renewed commitment to serving society.

It’s the European Lottery association’s first online tool designed to foster internal and external dialogue in a public and open way; a collaboration of local and international sector experts, national members, the association and suppliers; experimental, it will soon host video interviews, social media, visual content and other interactive tools; responsive, so everybody can read the magazine and/or the newsletter on smartphones and tablets; open, all readers can easily sign up for all forthcoming issues

FoodDrinkEurope – Ingredients for a Circular Economy

Following the publication of the Commission’s policy on Circular Economy, FoodDrinkEurope wanted to promote the active role Europe’s food and drink industry is taking in promoting and implementing a circular economy. To support this work, a publication was prepared and launched on 5 June 2016, on the occasion of the International Environment Day.

Circular economy can be a rather vague concept and the aim of the publication was to explain in concrete terms what a circular economy means when applied to the food and drink industry. The approach highlights the circular economy in a broader context of prevention, resource efficiency, environmental performance, sustainable sourcing and consumer awareness.The publication focuses on visual elements, with illustrations on every page and a large number of infographics to help readers understand the complex concept and the various levels at which circular economy is applicable to the food and drink industry.

The print publication is supported by an online publication presented as a sub-site on FoodDrinkEurope’s general website. Both print and online publications were launched via a social media campaign. The publication aims to remain a reference work for policy-makers and a source of inspiration for industry players.

Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) – Bankenmagazin

BANKENMAGAZIN was issued in Liechtenstein for the first time 10 years ago. The magazine is unique in its design and contributes significantly to highlighting national and international financial centre issues. Since its inception, the content of the magazine has continued to develop, its digitalisation has been promoted and the increasing internationality has been taken account of. The magazine is much more than a “Corporate Publishing” project, the magazine is the “compendium” for the financial sector and an important communication tool for the Liechtenstein Bankers Association which handles topics factually and with the necessary far-sightedness and perspective. It thus helps more than 6,000 employees in the banking and financial community to bridge and organise the broad spectrum of subjects. The quarterly magazine is managed and implemented by a small crew in the association. Interview partners and third party authors are mainly national and international experts.

The Liechtenstein Bankers Association is competing for the European Association Award in the Publications category with “BANKENMAGAZIN” since this publication generates a significant added value for all employees working in the banking community while at the same time informing on, and highlighting the features of Liechtenstein abroad.


Best Association Newsletter

AOSpine – AOSpine Newsletter

AOSpine has a network of currently around 6200 members worldwide, all of them surgeons or researchers in the spinal field. The newsletter is entirely targeted at these members, hence a very specialized, highly academic group of professionals. The aim is to provide them with up to date professional news about AOSpine, and with content that is relevant in their daily practice. The focus is on cutting-edge technologies and innovations in practice, latest teaching methods and other relevant news with regards to education and research

Recent stories include topics such as: policy making, mentorship, 3D printing, surgical simulators and the potential complications of caring for elderly patients.

The content is structured in feature stories and interviews with key opinion leaders, highlights from AOSpine (e.g. Board elections, Membership news and initiatives, member representative, abstract submissions for events), educational initiatives (eg. faculty news, fellowships, calls for applications for fellowships or mentorship) and research (eg. awards, latest findings on trauma, tumor, spinal cord injury and deformity, clinical studies, papers,publications).

Additionally AOSpine provides content that should help surgeons to develop and improve their skills outside the OR in articles such as “how to write, publish and review a scientific paper”; or “what surgeons can learn from pilots”;.

APEAL – Steel for Packaging Update

APEAL – the Association of European Producers of steel for packaging is a federation of the four major producers of steel for packaging. Founded in 1986 the organisation represents 95% of the total European production of steel for packaging which includes the production of up to 4.8 million tonnes of steel for packaging per year, enough to make 42 billion steel cans.

APEAL’s mission is to work with all relevant stakeholders to ensure understanding and support for steel as a sustainable and resource efficient packaging solution.

The primary focus of the Steel for Packaging Update is to update readers on legislative and technical developments, highlight the benefits of steel for packaging for the supply chain, and promote the ever-increasing levels of steel packaging that is recycled. The SfPU newsletter also aims to promote understanding of steel for packaging as a sustainable material. It is an important brand tool for APEAL and highlights steel as the reference for steel for packaging for Europe.

European Telecommunications Network Operators’ Association (ETNO) – #ETNO Digital

In today’s world we are constantly bombarded by a vast array of news and information across a number of channels, both digital and analogue. For associations operating in Brussels, connecting with key decision-makers and influencers is increasingly difficult and, sometimes, going back to basics can yield the best results.

#ETNODigital was born with that idea in mind. This weekly newsletter launched in 2012 provides an update on the latest news and industry developments to policy-makers, regulators, journalists and lobbyists. Its audience has grown rapidly and in 2016, ETNO decided to do a complete revamp with the goal of providing a much easier-to-digest newsletter.

The responsive design – which really comes alive on mobile devices – breaks the content down into digestible and clearly labelled chunks. Content includes third party articles and ETNO’s own reports, event announcements and posts from its blog #THINKDigital.

The #ETNODigital newsletter is a great platform to connect with key stakeholders in the public debate around telecoms making ETNO a trusted source of information. Getting ETNO’s name into so many inboxes every week has certainly contributed to increased brand awareness.

#ETNO Digital is sent weekly to almost 5,000 subscribers from all across Europe and beyond.

Febelfin – 360°

The 360° Febelfin Newsletter was created in September 2015. This quarterly newsletter gives its readers a clear view on present-day financial developments thanks to a round table which brings together leading personalities from the banking, political and academic world, comments upon figures and a personal view on various subjects. The title speaks for itself: the bundling of a maximum number of points of view makes it possible to give a 360° overview of the Belgian financial sector.

This kind of newsletter perfectly suits the needs of a federation such as Febelfin when it comes to speaking on behalf of the sector. The round table conference is an occasion for bringing together speakers with different backgrounds and allow them to reach new insights as a result of an objective debate. The newsletter is also a valuable channel for expressing views which have not (yet) been mentioned in the media.

The purpose of this newsletter is to provide an extra means, along with the website and social media such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, for publishing short information messages about topical subjects.

Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) – REC Weekly

REC Weekly is the Recruitment & Employment Confederation’s weekly newsletter. It’s produced for the enjoyment of the REC’s 3,500 corporate members, keeping them abreast of the REC’s news and views.

It’s jam-packed with important stories, events and promotions that cast a wide net over the recruitment industry. Its content is curated by an editor within the marketing team who solicits stories from numerous stakeholders within the organisation.

REC Weekly aims to be an informed snapshot of the past week at the REC, highlighting the work it has done to benefit its membership.


Best Networking Event

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) – ACCA President’s Debate 2016

ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is the global body for professional accountants. With unique core values of accountability, diversity, innovation, integrity and opportunity ACCA often holds high profile events that embody these values.

One such example is ACCA’s annual President’s Debates. Normally held in a European country to mirror the EU Presidency, these events have been hosted in Athens, Brussels, Cyprus, Dublin, London and Warsaw.

In April 2016 ACCA took the debate out of Europe and onto the global stage by running the Debate in Malaysia. To address current policy developments and the emerging news agenda, ACCA themed the networking event ‘What can the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) learn from the EU?’

This was the first ACCA President’s debate to be held outside of the EU helping to raise ACCA’s profile in the region, while making links with key influencers and helping members understand the situation better. The event was attended by over 120 business leaders and decision makers in Kuala Lumpur.

The event addressed fundamental question such as whether the AEC learn anything from the experience of the EU integration? If the EU is built on the premise of working together towards common interests, and this is very much what the AEC is aiming to do? Can this be replicated?

Joint entry by a) CIBP – International Confederation of Popular Banks and b) Dr. Fotis Filippopoulos – Shakesteer  – GRACE16 – Global Research on Augmented Collaborative Economy 2016

The ‘GRACE16 Hackathon’, is an integral part and the 2nd stage of the Global Research on Augmented Collaborative Economy 2016 (GRACE16), a ‘first of its kind’ research with a global impact, on a novel field we refer to as ‘Augmented Collaborative Economy or ACE’. In essence the Hackathon combines a research and process based high-profile strategic dialogue with a major international networking event, amongst 50 hand-picked Coop experts, CEO’s and presidents representing leading Coops around the world. We are bringing together individuals from a variety of backgrounds to work on radically different perspectives in a 3-day compressed timeframe, with a clear focus on identifying novel capabilities to drive future business strategies for Coops pursuing success and growth within a collaborative economic ecosystem. The GRACE16 Hackathon took place from Monday the 10th to Wednesday the 12th of October 2016, during the 3rd International Summit of Cooperatives, the world’s leading event for business development in the cooperative and mutual community.

European Agricultural Machinery Industry Association (CEMA) – Agriculture 4.0 – Smart Farming In The Cloud

Agriculture is set for a digital revolution: smart farm machines and digital technologies feature among the most exciting and promising approaches to help farmers increase the sustainability, productivity and profitability of their operations in the years ahead. However, the concept of ‘Digital Farming’, also termed ‘Smart Farming’ or ‘Agriculture 4.0’, is very broad, still in its infancy, and involves a wide array of different actors and drivers. Combining an exhibition of smart agricultural machines and fam management software solutions with an interactive panel discussion that brought together EU decision-makers, key stakeholders, and the industry, CEMA’s dedicated lunch debate ‘Agriculture 4.0, Smart Farming in the cloud’ on 27 September 2016 at the EU Representation of the Free State of Bavaria in Brussels ensured that participants could walk away with a clear idea of what digital farming is actually all about. Featuring a lively debate on what kind of EU policies are needed to advance digital farming in Europe in the years ahead, the event sent a strong message out that, thanks to digital technology, there really is a farming revolution unfolding in Europe – and that Europe’s agricultural machinery industry is at the heart of it.

European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) – Annual Conference

The EPRA Annual Conference is the flagship event of the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) gathering every its numerous stakeholders. The event dates back to 1999 and was conceived to reinforce EPRA’s mission ‘to promote, develop and represent the publicly listed real estate’.

It was designed as an industry-oriented event, with the purpose of creating a knowledge sharing and networking platform for EPRA members and invite them to reflect on the opportunities created by an expanding sector. The 2016 edition took place in Paris, following a long-standing tradition to rotate between its three main European real estate markets: London, Paris and Berlin.

The event is traditionally spread over three days, each dedicated to a special topic. This year, 3 French property tours kicked-off the first day (so-called Property Day) in Paris Centre, La Défense and Paris North & East enabling delegates to access to top management on the site of some prime Parisian assets (office buildings, shopping malls, future train stations, etc.). The main Strategy Day introduced high-level speakers who presented their thoughts on the industry and its prospects. Finally, the Investors’ Day gave investors free access to speed-pitching panels by 21 carefully selected European property companies.

International Communications Consultancy Organisation (ICCO) – The House Of PR

ICCO sponsors the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity as a way to get visibility amongst some of the industry’s most influential people and brands, but also position the organisation as creative, modern and diverse.

Challenge: How do we get PR and communications professionals to notice ICCO at such a large Festival?

Idea: ‘The House of PR’, a beach-side cabana and a 4 day content programme to bring together PR and communications professionals, of all ages and from all parts of the world.

This is one of ICCO’s most successful networking events in its history, and due to popular demand we’ve already signed up to do it again in 2017.

MedTech Europe In Collaboration With EU40 – The Standing Men: Technologies For Life

Our aim as MedtechEurope was to increase the knowledge of policymakers and stakeholders in Brussels about the contribution that medical technologies can have in saving and improving people’s life and supporting healthcare systems to remain on a sustainable path. For that reason and as part of a larger ‘value initiative’ we created ‘The Standing Men: Technologies for life’ a week-long networking event at the European Parliament’s main entrance from 10-13 October! We set up an innovative sound and light art installation by partnering with AADN, a French artistic team and EU40, a group of young Parliamentarians. We placed a transparent tent onsite which built the hub for a week where 18 different events took place ranging from quizzes, demonstrations, workshops to topical health policy debates. We displayed 13 innovative medical technologies in the tent for visitors to explore.

This multi-dimensional approach was eye-catching and engaged hundreds of stakeholders. It allowed people to choose to ‘explore us’ from more of a distance, or to actively engage in the debates. Policymakers and stakeholders gave overwhelmingly positive comments that we were innovative, unique, highly educational and enjoyable simultaneously! We are very proud of this feedback and therefore decided to apply for this award!

SolarPower Europe – A Networking Celebration of Solar Power

As a modern and dynamic technology, we wanted to host a networking event that would reflect all the characteristics of our ecosystem and bring people together from across the world. We therefore partnered with companies from outside the solar sector, BMW hosted us in their immaculate Brand Store in Brussels, showcasing their electric cars, ideally run on solar power! Heineken brought their beer brewed by the sun from their four solar powered factories in Europe. Axis Capital brought their financial knowledge and Huawei showcased their idea for an ‘internet of solar’.

With this venue, more than 400 delegates from across industry, politics, media and NGOs attended an event which introduced some real firsts. This was the first event in Brussels to have been beamed across the internet through Facebook live and Twitter periscope. It was also the first event to have been filmed by the world’s only solar TV Channel, Solar PVTV. The delegates were not short of talking points, with a photo exhibition ‘the beauty of solar power’ and a presentation of an award to the publics favourite photo; give away model BMW electric cars with the sponsors logos on them; a photo booth; test drives of BMW i3 cars and a welcome from the European Commission’s Vice President. It was a night that no-one who attended will forget and the feedback was overwhelming in its positivity!

Starch Europe – TPP From Both Sides: A Fair and Level Playing Field?

On 20 October 2015, Starch Europe, the association representing the European starch industry, held a successful event at the European Parliament, hosted by J. Nicholson, MEP Member of the Agriculture Committee, and co-rapporteur on the EP resolution on TTIP. One key issue for Starch Europe in 2015 was the TTIP : the ambition to open 98% of both markets risks to seriously jeopardise the EU starch industry as overnight US starch can take over 40% of the EU starch market. The challenge was to draw attention and gather an influential audience while addressing issues specific to an EU sector producing a B2B product not well understood beyond a technical audience. Starch Europe proposed an innovative format for this event: the ‘dinner-debate’, that allowed an interactive evening and a fruitful exchange between panellists and participants. A short video presented the sector, providing an entertaining introduction on a new media. This event proved to be successful, as it gathered 130 persons, of which 8 Commission officials, 13 National representatives from Permanent Representations and 15 Members of the European parliaments, and 28 other officials from the European Parliament, representing 15 Member States,16 sectors and 7 political parties.


Best Association Awards Event

Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) – Training Provider Awards

The Training Provider Awards ceremony (going into its fourth year) continues to surprise us year on year with its increase in popularity. It has highlighted the dedication, hard work and sheer commitment that AAT tutors have in getting their students through AAT qualifications.

We’ve come across a number of compelling student stories that reflect this; some full of joy, others with heart-breaking circumstances. Overall, it has made us all realise exactly how our qualifications can impact the lives of many.

The winners of our student categories alone showed exactly why inclusive qualifications such as AAT are so important. How it’s never too late to change your life through getting qualified and how hard work, coupled with excellent teaching guidance can pay real life dividends.

We are privileged to be able to give our training providers and members a platform to inspire each other, push each other that little bit more as they strive for excellence. Our awards ceremony ensures that hard work pays off; this is why we believe we should win the award of Best Association Awards.

European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) – Euro Effie Awards 2016

The Euro Effie Awards are the only international competition for commercial communications based solely on effectiveness. The European Association of Communications Agencies (EACA) organises the Euro Effies under license from Effie Worldwide. The Effie Awards were launched in the US in 1968 by the New York American Marketing Association as an awards programme to honour the most effective advertising campaigns and soon became a global symbol of achievement. Gradually, national Effie programmes were created across the world. In 1996, EACA decided to create a pan-European version of the Effie Awards with the stipulation that all entries must have run in two or more European markets. This differentiates the competition from national Effie programmes which are based on single market entries. Since 1996, when just six winners were awarded, the Euro Effies have grown to become an essential part of the advertising agency calendar, supported by an impressive list of loyal sponsors. The Euro Effies celebrated their 20th anniversary in 2016 with a record number of entries (up 30% from 2015) and 26 winners.

EuropeanIssuers and Federation of European Securities Exchanges – European Small and Mid-Cap Awards

The European Small and Mid-Cap Awards aim to promote best practices and encourage more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to access capital markets via IPOs. This is a joint initiative of the European Commission, leading European securities exchanges and EuropeanIssuers.

SMEs created the foundation for the European economy today and in the future. More than 98% of EU firms are SMEs, and they account for two thirds of all employment as well as nearly 60% of gross value added in the EU economy. As the basis for entrepreneurship, jobs and growth, SMEs require a favourable environment which meets their financing needs, in particular when accessing markets.

The Awards Ceremony was organised for the first time in 2013 by EuropeanIssuers and the Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE), at the initiative of the Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry of the European Commission. These two associations represent together the European securities exchanges and the companies listed on them. The Awards showcase the diversity of European markets, and aim to promote stock listings, in particular targeting SMEs and growth companies. These companies are critical to European economic recovery and to accomplishing the EU?s goals of job creation, competitiveness and growth.

GSMA – The Global Mobile Awards 2016

The GSMA’s Global Mobile Awards highlight achievement, excellence and innovation in the global mobile communications industry. They are presented at the industry’s most significant annual gathering, the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The key aim of the 2016 awards was to reflect the astonishing scope and diverse ways that mobile communications is changing our world, impacting people, industries, governments and societies, and sheer pace of this change. In doing so we have created a range of some 40 categories, designed to embrace the convergence of almost every major industry sector with mobile.

We also set out to create a more dynamic and inclusive awards experience for entrants, nominees, winners, and judges and to extend the audience onsite and globally. To achieve this, we reinvented the awards ceremony, taking it out to the Mobile World Congress floor on live TV and online across four days of the show. This innovative approach has led to significantly higher visibility for all awards stakeholders, and the creation of a series of compelling videos for a vast audience on TV and online. We have significantly increased the “shelf life” and extended interest & inclusivity in the awards globally, as well as driven a new level of on-site anticipation, expectation and drama.

The Racecourse Association (RCA) – RCA Showcase & Awards

The Racecourse Association (RCA) Showcase & Awards originated in 2009 with a simple aim to share, celebrate and reward best practice amongst Britain’s Racecourses, with particular emphasis on enhancing the customer experience. Our cornerstones are ‘excellence’ and ‘innovation’.

Since inception, the number of individual categories has grown to 10, with the Groundstaff Champion and overall Racecourse Champion providing a fitting climax. 2016 also saw the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award bringing the final number to 13.

The Raceday Experience Group, a working group comprised of a cross section of the RCA’s membership to enhance the customer experience at racecourses, is an integral part of the design of the Showcase Awards.

The Showcase Awards enjoyed record numbers for 2016, with 258 guests attending the event. This included 41 of the 59 RCA member racecourses, again a record number for engagement. The Awards also attracted VIP guests from the wider horseracing industry, including Chairmen and Chief Executives from the British Horseracing Authority, Horsemen’s Group, ITV Sport, and VisitEngland. The event is now firmly in place as the recognised racecourse industry awards. It has become a highlight in the calendar with dates set over a year in advance.


Best Association Conference

Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) – AFME’s Annual European Market Liquidity Conference

The Association for Financial Markets in Europe is the voice of Europe’s wholesale financial markets. We represent the leading global and European banks and other significant capital market players. AFME hosts a programme of 40 reputable events each year with a strong focus on high-quality content. Combined, these attract over 250 speakers, 5,000 delegates and are held in major European cities.

AFME’s Annual European Market Liquidity Conference, our flagship event, started out as an e-trading event twelve years ago. From an initial emphasis on how the market works the event now focuses on the future of fixed income trading and technology. The one-day conference takes place in London and attracts 400 financial services professionals annually. The original demand to host the conference came from AFME’s sell-side members seeking to create a forum where they could network and engage with the buy-side therefore a reasonable proportion of investors in attendance is essential. The other key goal is revenue generation as profits received help deliver other events that have member education and advocacy related aims as the primary objective. The success of the event is a result of a brilliant team, year-round research, collaboration with market participants, intelligent marketing and continuous improvement.

AIJA – International Association of Young Lawyers

The International Young Lawyers’ Congress organised by AIJA (the International Association of Young Lawyers) is the most important gathering for international legal professionals under 45. Today this meeting is certainly the best networking opportunity an international young lawyer can have. This event attracts between 550 and 750 lawyers under 45 (45% are women), depending on the location (we tend to have bigger meetings in Europe), coming from over 60 different countries. The Congress offers over 50 hours of legal training and lectures. Every year no less than 150 attendees are first timers. All participants enjoy a busy week with intense sessions and equally intense social networking opportunities: cocktails, the formal opening ceremony, the traditional home hospitality dinner (where local lawyers open their doors to host participants in small groups), the fancy gala dinner and more than 6 hours playing sports and dancing.

An innovative daily programme, a complex marketing plan and a selection of the most exclusive venues are probably the reasons why this event is growing fast in numbers, quality and reputation. It offers a unique mix: attendees do business BUT the very unique AIJA spirit always makes it enjoyable and fun!

Bundesverband Investment und Asset Management e.V. (BVI) – BVI Fund Operation Conference

The conference is the central meeting point for the German buyside, the depositary banks and service providers interested in solutions for the investment fund industry. Parallel conference streams focus on market regulation and standardization, market and reference data, fund reporting, cyber security and depositary issues giving the attendees the latest insights.

The conference takes place once a year and has succeeded to attract an increasing number of participants as well as exhibitors. The profile of the conference changed from a mere platform for Service providers to present their company to a mixture of high profiled presentations on international and national regulations and trends in the financial markets. Panel discussions are a prominent feature of the conference giving experts and audience the opportunity to discuss recent developments.

The conference has been renamed twice giving attention to the wider spectrum of topics being covered. It has been titled BVI Fund Operations Conference since the beginning of 2016.

European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) – Factories of the Future Conference 2016

On 15 and 16 September 500 leading industrial and research experts and representatives of the public sector gathered in Brussels for a major conference on the future of manufacturing in Europe – Factories of the Future Conference 2016: Materialising Factories 4.0. Factories of the Future Conference 2016: Materialising Factories 4.0 brought together Europe’s leading experts in industrial research and innovation to debate major priorities for the future of manufacturing in Europe. The conference was dedicated to the transformation of manufacturing across Europe. It will showcase the achievements of research and innovation projects that are revolutionising manufacturing in Europe under the EU’s €1.15 billion ‘Factories of the Future’ partnership.

European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) – EPRA Annual Conference

The EPRA Annual Conference is the flagship event of the European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) gathering every its numerous stakeholders. The event dates back to 1999 and was conceived to reinforce EPRA’s mission ‘to promote, develop and represent the publicly listed real estate’.

It was designed as an industry-oriented event, with the purpose of creating a knowledge sharing and networking platform for EPRA members and invite them to reflect on the opportunities created by an expanding sector. The 2016 edition took place in Paris, following a long-standing tradition to rotate between its three main European real estate markets: London, Paris and Berlin.

The event is traditionally spread over three days, each dedicated to a special topic. This year, 3 French property tours kicked-off the first day (so-called Property Day) in Paris Centre, La Défense and Paris North & East enabling delegates to access to top management on the site of some prime Parisian assets (office buildings, shopping malls, future train stations, etc.). The main Strategy Day introduced high-level speakers who presented their thoughts on the industry and its prospects. Finally, the Investors’ Day gave investors free access to speed-pitching panels by 21 carefully selected European property companies.

FIDI Global Alliance – FIDI’s Annual Conference

More than any other industry, the international moving business is all about the people working in it. Because of the very nature of our ‘product’, moving personal effects, moving homes, movers tend to be emotionally tied to their clients, counting on their business partners overseas to be just as personalized with their customers as they would be. This creates an atmosphere where business and lifelong friendships go hand-in-hand; where people want to meet face-to-face, every year, no matter where in the world, look into each other’s eyes and witness the commitment and the drive to accomplish a perfect move; shake hands and establish the confidence to entrust the other FIDI partner with the most valuable asset of a company: the customer.

This explains the success of FIDI’s Conference, year in year out. A meeting worth the money.

Ibec – Ibec 2016 HR Leadership Summit

Established 10 years ago, Ibec’s annual flagship HR Leadership Summit is a showcase for global and national thought leadership in strategic HR and management best practice. It is designed to provide delegates with the right supports to build a high-performance culture, engage better with employees, develop their leaders, maximize the benefits of a diverse workforce and retain high performers.

The 2016 conference took place on October 27 in Croke Park, Dublin and attracted over 400 HR directors, HR Managers, CEOs, owner/managers from companies of all sizes in Ireland.

Every year we bring together a stellar panel of academics, leading management thinkers, industry experts, social scientists and iconic companies to share their latest insights on management and leadership thinking. This year’s keynotes were Lindsay McGregor and Neel Doshi, co-founders of Vega Factor and co-authors of the New York Times bestselling book, ‘Primed to Perfom’ delivered their keynote together and hit straight at the conference theme of winning workplaces. They were followed by our second keynote Freek Vermeulen Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship, London Business School who delivered both an entertaining but highly informative session on the next frontiers for strategic HR.

In 2016 the event was a sold-out affair and was by far the largest HR conference of the year in Ireland that dealt addressed the issue of talent. #Ibechr 


Best Training Initiative

ACCA-X from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

ACCA-X, developed by ACCA the global body for professional accountants, is a digital learning programme designed to enhance the financial literacy skills of a global audience of learners with varying learning styles, different educational and socio-economic backgrounds and with a variety of motivations and learning goals.

ACCA-X also specifically prepares ACCA students for exam success.

The programme is global, consists of free and affordable courses, uses MOOC technology and is mobile enabled.

In just over a one year since launch we have reached 150,000 learners in 230 countries and territories, enhanced learners? career prospects and created a new audience for ACCA exams.

British Institute of Facilities Management (BIFM) – BIFM Direct

BIFM Direct is the online learning solution for facilities management (FM) professionals wanting to study for a BIFM Qualification in Facilities Management at level 2, 3 or 4. This flexible and cost-effective solution allows them to study online, anywhere, any time and at their own pace.

BIFM believes that education is key to advancing the profession and at the heart of BIFM Direct is its e-learning platform, providing all the resources learners need to undertake an online BIFM qualification.

BIFM works with employers across the globe to embed BIFM Direct within their staff development programmes to support the personal and professional development of their employees and BIFM has seen substantial international growth as a result of BIFM Direct being accessible to learners all over the world.

In addition to supporting members, BIFM Direct is also attracting new professionals to engage with BIFM, helping to grow the Institute’s overall reach and engagement with the FM profession, which is central to its purpose. The development of the next generation of FM professionals is helping professionalise the sector, providing the industry with the skilled workforce needed to address the challenges of the future.

Ellwood Atfield – The Association Leadership Academy

The Association Leadership Academy aims to be the pre-eminent institution in Brussels for education in European and International Associations, Civil Society Organisations, NGOs, Business Groups and Professional Societies.

The original conception of the The Association Leadership Academy flows from a reflection on the real needs of the Brussels and wider community for association-specific training. The economic downturn and increased performance pressure on associations and their leaders heightens this need. Tighter budgetary overview by corporate members and procedural changes in EU decision making have created a particularly tough challenge for those associations which cannot respond with the commensurate agility.

Why is this initiative so unique and innovative? We strive to capture the entire spectrum of association related knowledge and know how; We develop our own original research material through surveys and interviews; We share it all with you

In the last 12 months, the Academy has provided education, skills, networking and training to over 400 association leaders. With a winning combination of high level speakers and grounded association expertise, the Academy has garnered valuable support from the wider association community.

Febelfin Academy – Blended Learning Path ‘Certification In Credit International’

In 2013, independent of any regulatory incentive, the Professional Association for Credit (BVK – UPC) took up the initiative to significantly increase the knowledge requirements regarding consumer credit for credit intermediaries and their staff who come into regular contact with the general public (PCPs). In cooperation with COMEOS and Febelfin Academy, a mandatory examination was developed for credit intermediaries for consumer credit and their PCPs.

The sector’s purpose in devising this measure was to provide a guarantee that all credit providers, professional credit intermediaries for consumer credit, as well as credit intermediaries in shops and their commercial staff would possess active credit knowledge.

In order to best help candidates prepare for this exam, Febelfin Academy has created the blended learning path ‘Certification in credit intermediation’. Since the training course launch, 10.577 course participants have registered and 28 organisations use Febelfin Academy?s training material internally in their organisation.

Israel Association for Eating Disorders (IAED) – Multi-Family Therapy Training For Anorexia Nervosa

Family Based Therapy for Anorexia Nervosa (FBT-AN) is the best-established treatment for adolescents with AN. Multifamily Group Program-FBT (MFG-FBT) therapy for AN builds on the shared experiences of families and uses the group dynamics to maximize the resources of each family.

Professor Daniel Stein, Director of the Pediatric Psychosomatic Department, Edmond and Lily Safra Children’s Hospital, invited two leaders in the field to conduct a workshop for professionals in Israel. Professor Ivan Eisler and Gladys Ellis presented a four-day workshop for forty professionals selected from treatment services around the country. A conference was held on Multifamily Therapy for AN to cover costs. Mr. J.D.A Levy, the director of Friends of Israel Educational Foundation, and the Academic Study Group, London, UK, made a generous contribution to these workshops, as did the IAED. The workshop allowed this novel treatment to be taught to Israeli patients with eating disorders and their families. The workshop was of great value. It enabled Israeli professionals from disperse locations throughout the country to meet, bond, exchange ideas, and learn together. The plan is for each of the participants to teach the method in their own centers and to begin to apply it. Research collaborations have been initiated.

The Law of Society of Scotland – Street Law

Street Law is a highly participatory method of teaching law, focusing on discussions and interactive teaching styles. As the programme is highly practical, and grounded in the experiences of the pupils, the course is called ‘Street Law’. It began in 1972, when a group of Georgetown University Law Centre students developed an experimental curriculum to teach District of Columbia about law and the legal system. This concept has now spread globally and Street Law Programmes operate in over 40 countries.

The Law Society of Scotland introduced Street Law to schools across Scotland in 2014 and now works with over 40 schools in six local authorities. Street Law Trainers teach classes about the law, the legal process, and the knowledge and skills that school pupils can use to recognise, prevent, and (in some cases) resolve legal problems. In our programme two law students prepare and deliver law based lessons to a school class over the course of a school term. Each Street Law partnership is uniquely tailored to the individual school’s needs and wants. All of our Street Law Trainers are law students studying in Scotland and undertake Street Law on a voluntary basis to boost their skills and knowledge.


Best Lobbying Campaign

AEGIS Europe – Stop China Dumping, Stop China Market Economy Status

China has been lobbying the EU hard to grant it Market Economy Status, arguing it is their right under their Accession Protocol to the WTO. However, on 11 December 2016 the European Commission rejected China’s plea, which would have effectively given their exporters a licence to dump artificially cheap products in the EU, wiping out European competition.  The EU’s decision was the result of an intense lobbying effort by Europe’s manufacturing sectors, which joined together as AEGIS Europe. 

The AEGIS Europe campaign has raised EU-China trade distortions to the highest political priority amongst policy makers at the European Commission, European Parliament and in member states. One of the highlights of the 2016 campaign was a March through Brussels of more than 5,000 workers and employers. The March generated thousands of press articles in every EU member state, and tweets which reached 5 million social media users. European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker received a delegation from AEGIS Europe and was presented a symbolic copy of a European Industrial Manifesto for Free & Fair Trade.  

AEGIS Europe was inspired by the ancient Greek mythological concept of a shield or aegis, to educate policy-makers about the role of robust trade defence in free and fair international trade. The alliance’s sectors from steel and aluminium to ceramics and bicycles are facing an onslaught of China’s massive capacities, illegal subsidies and destructive dumping. Since its inception in December 2014, AEGIS Europe has grown to nearly 30 industrial associations, accounting for more than €500 billion in annual turnover and millions of jobs across the EU. 

In 2017, AEGIS Europe is continuing its mission to influence a new European Commission Trade Defence proposal which could allow China’s unfair trade practices to destroy European jobs and growth through the back door.

European Aluminium – ETS Phase IV – Indirect Carbon Costs

European Aluminium has led the indirect carbon costs campaign on ETS Phase IV. Our organisation has created a core team of experts to lead this exercise together with important allies (e.g. Eurometaux). Our work was based on clear priorities, transparency, unique digital communications and reliable data. Today, EU institutions are assessing an ambitious hybrid model to compensate installations all across the EU that will ensure both a level playing field in Europe and global competitiveness. Ultimately, our campaign has shed light on the possibility to improve policy making that benefits both climate and industrial policy.

European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO) – European Obesity Day 2016

Obesity, with nearly 100 million sufferers in Europe, has become one of the greatest public health challenges of the 21st century, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). It is an epidemic costing more than €70 billion in healthcare and lost productivity.

European Obesity Day (EOD) was held on 21 May 2016 as the focal point of an international public affairs and lobbying campaign created, developed and organised by Cambre Associates for the European Association for the Study of Obesity (EASO), a federation of professional membership associations from 32 countries. EASO is the voice of the European obesity community, representing scientists, healthcare practitioners, physicians, public health experts and patients.

The campaign’s objective to increase knowledge and understanding of the need for action to tackle and to treat obesity by policymakers at European and national levels, was met by creating a framework programme at EU level which was then cascaded for adaptation, translation and implementation by EASO National Associations, the associated disease organisations, and patients. A toolkit provided them with ideas and materials to inspire and empower them to create and drive EOD initiatives at national and local level.

Funding for the project was secured from Medtronic and Novo Nordisk.

European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) – The Future of Sports Nutrition Regulation

The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) is the leading pan-European trade association for the sports nutrition sector, representing more than 50 manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and retailers of sports nutrition products used by both elite sportspeople and consumers across Europe.

In June 2016, ESSNA’s members were faced with the publication of a landmark European Commission report on the future regulation of the sports nutrition industry. The report had the potential to fundamentally change the regulatory environment for sports nutrition by removing sports nutrition from general European food law, requiring the implementation of stringent regulation on products’ composition and labelling. This would have forced companies to change how their products were formulated, labelled, marketed and sold.

A disadvantageous outcome for the sports nutrition sector – the reclassification of sports nutrition – would have stifled innovation and could have crippled a multi-billion Euro industry. Conversely, a positive outcome would ensure the continued growth of a successful sector.

ESSNA was charged by its membership to engage with the European Commission report and ensure an outcome that supported the industry with sports nutrition remaining classified as general foods, meaning they could be regulated like any other food and drink product aimed at healthy people.

Febelfin – Task Force Refugee Crisis

In September 2015 the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) established, along with various partners including Febelfin, the ‘Task Force Refugee Crisis’. The aim is to create a platform where different partners who work with refugees can coordinate their actions. In addition to this coordination function, an important role exists in informing the various organisations and co-creating actions. Overall, the Task Force has opted for a contribution from the business world that is doable, useful and legal to resolve this crisis.

Although the initiative is still young and has not yet been fully, externally or internally, evaluated, the Task Force has been able to come up with concrete and practical measures in spite of the differences between the organisations concerned as for their structure and ways of working. The most important results are the coordinated and concrete field actions which justify the praise given to all those who are willing to show their sympathy and take positive action for the benefit of refugees trying to adapt and integrate in spite of the traumatic experience they have gone through.

IKW (German Household and Beauty Association) & A.I.S.E. – H& BC-Industry Sustainability-Image

In the late 1950s the household and beauty industry had a very negative image and was blamed for heavily polluting rivers and nature with industry chemicals. Press and NGOs widely spreat pictures of heaps of foam in rivers apparently coming from the ‘bad household and beauty industry’ and politics was discussing the topic publicly all day.

Today – 60 years later – the household and beauty industry has an extremely positive reputation and is seen – based on a 2015 oekom research study – as the most sustainable industry worldwide.

The industry acts most openly and responsibly and the industry’s Association IKW helps to mediate between all Stakeholder-Groups.


Best Provision of Industry Information and Intelligence

British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) – The Frozen Food Report II

The British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) is the leading trade association for the UK’s frozen food sector. In addition to regular market data for members, every five years BFFF produces the Frozen Food Report (FFR). The report, which was produced for the second time in 2016, brings together the latest sales figures, market predictions and comment from industry leaders, as well as looking at mega trends and how these will change frozen food in the future.

BFFF identified that the second FFR was an opportunity to impress upon the UK Government and the wider food industry, the scale and importance of the frozen food industry. The editorial team therefore agreed to include a wide range of content including: Market growth; Changing consumer behaviour; Trends driving the food industry; The future of frozen food in retail and foodservice; and Views and predictions from industry leaders.

At the report’s launch UK Minister of State for Farming, Food and Fisheries, George Eustice MP, said: that the frozen food sector has ‘shown remarkable growth in the last five years’, praised the industry’s innovation in areas such as technology and labelling for example and highlighted that frozen food plays an important role in resolving issues such as reducing waste.

CEEMET – Digitalisation & World of Work Report

Digitalisation is sweeping both, industry and society with full impact. Once considered as something very special; today, it is just the new normal. The automatisation and robotisation we have seen in the past have sped up while digitalisation has a continuous and unprecedented impact on how companies operate.

Many existing studies just look at the changes and challenges of the industrial production and processes. The ‘Digitalisation and the world of work’ report is one of the few and the 1st report of a social partner in the Metal, Engineering and Technology-based industries (MET) on the way we carry out work.

In the report CEEMET focuses on what the emerging issues could be in the world of work, stemming from digitalisation. 1) skills & competences, 2) work organisation, 3) health & safety, 4) data in the world of work. The ‘Digitalisation and the world of work’ report, which is based upon a survey conducted amongst the CEEMET membership, was officially presented during the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council (the EU Ministers of Employment, Social Affairs, Health and/or Consumer Affairs of the Member States of the European Union) by CEEMET’s President Inneke Dezentjé Hamming-Bluémink and Director General Uwe Combüchen.

Joint entry by a) CIBP – International Confederation of Popular Banks and b) Dr. Fotis Filippopoulos – Shakesteer  – GRACE16 – Global Research on Augmented Collaborative Economy 2016

Our entry entitled ‘Global Research on Augmented Collaborative Economy 2016’ or GRACE16, is a ‘first of its kind’ research with a global impact, on a novel field we refer to as ‘Augmented Collaborative Economy or ACE’. It offers a wealth of insights on driving future business strategies for Coops pursuing success and growth within a collaborative economic ecosystem. The study reflects the views of 248 Coop C-suite and upper management leaders as well as of employees, members and customers across 110 Coop institutions from 18 industries and 47 countries, on cutting?edge topics of Collaborative Economy that are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. GRACE16 opens a window of opportunity for Coops, to unlock novel or hidden value and thrive through a novel business model that is digital-born, platform based, Internet of Things (IoT) capability-driven and cross-sectoral.

The European Biomass Association – AEBIOM Statistical Report 2016

Did you know that bioenergy is the EU’s first renewable energy source, representing 61% of all renewables consumed? If you knew it, it has certainly a link with the AEBIOM Statistical Report, if not, you will make it. Bioenergy – including biofuel, biogas, and solid biomass, is a complex sector covering a wide range of materials and conversion technologies. Back in 2007, EU stakeholders faced a dire need of first hand market information while the sector boomed. This lead to the creation of the first AEBIOM Statistical Report.

A decade later, the 2016 Edition featured a 300-page document that featured initial projections. With over 4.000 downloads expected, this publication is now established as a leading report, essential for both EU policy makers and business players when making informed decisions. Beyond providing unique data, the creation of this report is the result of the collective work, of over 120 experts from the association?s network and beyond, agreeing to share exclusive market insights. AEBIOM Statistical Report is a best-practice example of European Associations work, showing how a solid network engagement can overcome a challenge that couldn?t be solved individually.

Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC) – The Good Recruitment Campaign

The Good Recruitment Campaign helps organisations benchmark their current recruitment methods and reinvigorate their strategies in order to attract the right candidate. With direct access to a large network of HR/In-house recruitment professionals, those involved can benefit from workshops, conferences, peer-reviews, self-assessment tools, and key pieces of data that will help their business reach new heights in talent acquisition.

The Good Recruitment Campaign helps employers define resourcing decisions of good quality and compliance. The campaign aims to help employers work more effectively with their recruitment partners, to create a better candidate experience, and collaborate with a wide range of HR/Recruitment leaders from some of the most successful businesses in the world.

This campaign enables employers to see how professional and compliant recruitment partners will help them to deliver their resourcing strategies and improve the overall performance of their organisation. It is measured by signatories/organisations who sign up to adhere and adopt the nine key principles within the charter and build them into their resourcing and recruitment strategies.


Best Association Supplier or Partner

Conference Partners Ltd.

Conference Partners is a multi-award-winning, internationally accredited Professional Conference Organiser, headquartered in Dublin, with offices in Belfast, Edinburgh and Manchester. With a proven track record demonstrated over 18 years in business, their exceptional portfolio of over 950 national and international conferences for world renowned associations have justifiably positioned them as an international leader.

With a highly skilled, multilingual team of 62, they offer clients an in-house graphic design team, an in-house sponsorship team and a hands-on management team with over 100 collective years’ experience. Their approach is in their name, they work in partnership with their clients and have established strong relationships with regional convention bureaux, venues, hotels and suppliers to achieve modern, memorable and professional events that provide a return on investment to all stakeholders. By immersing themselves in the association, they identify the strategy best suited to achieving their client’s objectives and ultimately enabling delegates to create international networks within which to share their knowledge and expertise.

In 2016, they successfully ran the EuroELSO in SECC, Glasgow, ESOF 2016 in Manchester Central, UK and we also envisaged and managed the inaugural Connect 2016 in Ireland, a showcase of Ireland’s business tourism industry.

Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC)

The Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) is an outstanding, purpose-built venue located in the heart of Scotland?s beautiful and vibrant capital city. The impressive facilities were expanded in 2013 and include a series of adaptable auditoria, spacious reception areas, flexible suites and a contemporary delegate café. EICC’s raison d’etre is to generate economic impact for the City of Edinburgh and as such, the venue’s design is based on the requirements of the international association market.

Since opening in 1995 the EICC team has followed an ethos of delivering excellent customer service and innovative solutions, it is this ethos which has led to a high level of repeat business. In light of an increasingly competitive global events marketplace the EICC team understand the importance of continually improving and investing in the product and service in order to retain its position as one of the world’s leading conference centres.

Radisson Blu

EASY. Superbly located in Brussels’ city center, the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel is within 4 minutes distance from the famous Grand Place, the main shopping & restaurants areas, and the Central Station with direct connections to the airport, Thalys & Eurostar terminals.

COMFORT. The 281 modern, quiet and comfy rooms & suites together with the dedicated Meetings & Events space, including 18 fully renovated meeting rooms are overlooking the striking Atrium!

GOURMET. The Atrium Restaurant & Lounge catches the eye with the impressive glass dome, the original 12th century wall and its little stream, whilst the multi-awarded 2* Michelin Sea Grill Restaurant gives an event the ultimate culinary touch!

SERVICE. ‘Experience Meetings’ by Radisson Blu ensures successful meetings with the right ingredients: Fast Free & Unlimited Wi-Fi, the Brain Box to give space for thinking, and the Brain Food to support efficiency and ability to concentrate. 100% satisfaction guarantee, Yes I Can! service philosophy, ‘Clef d’Or’ Concierge service, business center, private parking, fitness club with a sauna and 24h room service are amongst the first class services offered by this iconic Brussels Hotel. Stay connected!


The past year has been a real turning point for Think. Not only has it been a record year for turnover, but it has also been a record year for award wins (on behalf of our association clients), a record year for client revenue increases and a record year for positive feedback from those clients and their members.

Think has reinforced its position as the UK’s leading membership publishing agency by raising the standard of membership communications and conducting research that demonstrates just how important the right communications are to members.

Yes, we believe in innovating, but we also believe in effectiveness. And that means publishing solutions based on the channels that work, not the latest technology. We have been confident in our evidence-based approach and are delighted with the results we have achieved for both our clients and the business as a whole.

Success in membership publishing isn’t about being on every channel, but about being on the channels that matter – and the channels that budgets and resources can support. We understand this and our 100% retention rate demonstrates that our clients do, too.


Association Leadership Award

Chartered Management Institute (CMI) – Ann Francke

Ann Francke, as Chief Executive of the Chartered Management Institute (CMI), has been a passionate role model for the CMI’s values and exemplifies the transformational impact that outstanding leadership can achieve for a professional body. Ann joined CMI in 2012, and rapidly worked across the organisation to develop a turnaround strategy. Through active listening and genuine collaboration where all staff were engaged, a “rainbow” strategy was developed that could be articulated on one piece of paper, with staff taking a real sense of ownership in the transformation programme.

This resulted in 2015/16 being a record year for CMI including: 9% growth in income; 12% rise in membership community; 48 new partnerships secured with higher education institutions; 52 new partnerships formed with education providers; 17% growth in Chartered Managers, our most prestigious qualification, to 5,000+; 360,000 downloads of management content from our online portal, Management Direct; 7,000 attendees at CMI events and webinars; Net Promoter Score of +74 for Chartered Manager, up from +64; 24,000 students registered for CMI-accredited courses.

Cosmetics Europe

The world is changing rapidly. As the great cosmetics entrepreneur Estée Lauder once said “We learn too much every day to be satisfied by yesterday’s achievements”. She perfectly captured the idea that successful industries must be on a permanent voyage of discovery. History tells us that for the most part, once strong companies fail because they do not move with the times; so too European Trade Associations.

Cosmetics Europe strives to be as dynamic and forward-looking as the industry we proudly represent. Our goal is to ensure that our industry remains well placed to meet the challenges of the future, and that it continues to be an icon of European industry. Being taken seriously at EU level is a pre-requisite. This requires being recognised as trustworthy by our stakeholders. So Cosmetics Europe has embarked on a journey where trust is embedded in everything we do and encapsulated in our motto ‘We personally care’

A milestone moment for our new approach was Cosmetics Week June 2016: Cosmetics and Personal Care in a Changing World, which provided a platform for launch of our Partnership for Change paper, Socio-economic report, new branding and modern new website which embody our new approach. We are ready to address a changing world. Are you?

European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) – Carlos Lee

Carlos Lee is currently Director General at EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium) which he joined in 2013. The association was founded in 2003 and had a stable membership of around 80 members, and a network of just a few hundred industry experts and leaders. Under the leadership of Carlos, the association grew in 4 years to 290 member companies, and a network of more than 15000 photonic professionals. He initiated global initiatives such as DAY OF PHOTONICS motivating hundreds of volunteers across 35 countries on all continents, to organize events to promote the importance of Photonics and its contribution to society. Key to the success of the growth of the association has been a strict focus on maximizing ROI of membership, and making smart and efficient use of contractors and industry professionals.

Using his creativeness, resourcefulness, and enthusiasm, Carlos managed every year to visit more than 50 companies, exhibit at 13 exhibitions, organize 15 events, and many more activities that resulted in the growth of the association, making it financially stable and poised for a bright future. Carlos Lee successfully tackled the challenge of growing an association with limited resources, the association had 2 staff and for the first time could hire additional staff in 2016.

European Banking Federation

European Money Week is a European financial education initiative coordinated by of the European Banking Federation and its members with the aim of raising awareness with regards to financial literacy. The week consists of a series of events in the participating countries and at a European level. Ultimately, the objective is to improve the level of financial education in Europe and for EBF to show strong leadership in this arena. According to PISA (OECD), financial literacy is ‘the knowledge and understanding of financial concepts and risks, and the skills, motivation and confidence to apply such knowledge and understanding in order to make effective decisions across a range of financial contexts to improve financial well-being of individuals and society, and to enable participation in economic life’.

Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA)

Liechtenstein Bankers Association (LBA) can be considered a micro association by European and international standards. The LBA was founded in 1969 with 14 affiliated member banks and seven passive members. In spite of its small size, it is one of the most influential associations in the country and plays an important role in the development of the banking and finance centre. Its six-person executive board also includes representatives of the three large banks as well as the smaller banks. The association has ten employees with the equivalent of 7.8 full-time positions, of which eight are women. The principles of sustainability and credibility are observed when representing the interests of the members. As a member of the European Banking Federation (EBF), the European Payments Council (EPC) and the European Parliamentary Financial Services Forum (EPFSF), the Liechtenstein Bankers Association is an important member of key committees at the European level and plays an active role in the European legislation process.

An association can do great things, even if it is so small, if it uses lean structures, relies on true cooperation and uses the resources efficiently. And above all if it thinks in a forward-looking way, also acts courageously and at times against resistance, and last but not least, doesn’t lose the joy and passion for this important task.

The LBA is applying for the European Association Leadership Award, as it illustrates how much can be achieved with few resources.

Orgalime – The European Engineering Industries Association – Adrian Harris

Adrian Harris has been Director General at Orgalime – The European Engineering Industries Association, since 1999. Under his stewardship, the association has grown from a comparatively small secretariat to a 30-strong team catering to around 40 member organisations and associate members. Mr. Harris’ holistic approach to representing the interests of the sector has broadened the scope of Orgalime’s work – allowing members to benefit from expertise and influence across the full spectrum of policies that shape the environment they operate in. Moreover, he has been successful in communicating the changing needs of engineering in the digital age, generating awareness at the highest levels in Brussels.

Mr. Harris is dedicated to engaging closely with member associations, meaning Orgalime always has its finger on the pulse of the latest issues on the ground in the national industries. Thanks to his steady hand, the association has mastered the financial challenges that followed the economic crisis of 2008. And a modern management style combined with a commitment to getting the best from his team has enabled him to shape a secretariat with the expertise to deliver results and the agility to respond to members’ needs.

The Bar Council

On October 15 2016 the culmination of two years’ work, led by the Bar Council, saw in the launch of the Wellbeing at the Bar Portal – a website to specifically provide support and best practice to barristers, clerks and chambers on wellbeing and mental health issues. In the first two weeks of its launch, the new portal was visited more than 20,000 times, secured prominent media coverage in the legal press and prompted many in the barristers’ profession to praise the Bar Council and its partners in the initiative – the Inns of Court and the Institute of Barristers’ Clerks.

The new portal is geared towards giving barristers, clerks and chambers staff access to guidance, tips, support and contacts for help on matters concerning wellbeing. Information on wellbeing events, real-life stories from professionals who share their experiences, sample chambers’ wellbeing policies and activities and useful contact numbers for those needing advice or help on a wellbeing or mental health matter are just some of the resources on the portal.

The Portal is part of an ongoing initiative which illustrates how the Bar Council has led the profession it represents in removing the stigma around an issue that many face at the Bar, but rarely spoke about or dealt with until now, and worked with other bodies to design a support resource that benefit its members and improve the opinion its members have of the Bar Council.


Overall Best European Association Award

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

ACCA is the global body for professional accountants. Established in 1904, ACCA’s mission, derived from its Royal Charter which it gained in 1974, is to: provide opportunity and access to people of ability around the world and support its members throughout their careers; achieve and promote the highest professional, ethical and governance standards; advance the public interest; be a global leader in the profession.

In its submission for Overall Best European Association, ACCA demonstrates how though its capacity building work, and its ground-breaking Professional Insights report Professional accountants – the future it enhances the reputation of ACCA members and the accountancy profession on the global stage.

Professional accountants – the future says that professional accountants need a range of professional competencies to progress their career, a blend of technical knowledge, skills and abilities combined with interpersonal behaviours and qualities that are the most value for employers and clients.

These seven vital qualities needed for success – professional quotients – are shared with readers in an interactive test, making the report insightful, as well as practical, thought-provoking – and fun.

Association For Finanical Markets Association (AFME)

AFME is the industry voice of wholesale financial institutions at European level. We promote stable, competitive, and sustainable financial markets that support economic growth and benefit society. Europe’s capital markets face unprecedented challenges, not least as a result of the Brexit process. As a pan-European organization we are well-placed to help our members navigate these difficult times. Central to our mission is engagement with European policymakers and regulators. We have 200 members with operations in 30 European countries, which include universal, investment and regional banks, but also other capital markets participants including law firms and rating agencies, accounting firms, and investors. Our multilingual staff have deep market and policy expertise and operate from our offices in London, Brussels, and Frankfurt. Members take part in our policy and product committees which produce 100+ consultation responses, briefing notes and reports annually. Members are kept up-to-date with policy and regulatory developments via a mix of traditional and digital media including a members’ newsletter, briefing calls, You Tube, Twitter and LinkedIn. They can attend 40 high-quality events a year across Europe where they can engage in industry debates and network with their peers.

Orgalime – The European Engineering Industries Association

Founded in 1954, Orgalime, the European Engineering Industries Association, has been the voice of the mechanical, electrical, electronic and metal articles industry at European level for over 60 years. The now 30-strong secretariat caters to more than 40 member organisations and associate members. Orgalime has continued to evolve over the years to address the issues that matter most to our industry, today ranging from industrial policy, digitisation and R&D, to energy and environment, to nitty-gritty technical topics. And as engineering enters the digital age, Orgalime is effectively communicating the changing needs of its members to decision-makers at the highest levels.

Close engagement with national members is a top priority for Orgalime, with many events organised to foster direct dialogue between decision-makers and companies on the ground. A creative communications strategy that embraces new platforms brings the association’s work closer to members and policy-makers, while creating a community around the dynamic European engineering sector. Equipped with a robust business model, the association has a firm foundation on which to build a long-term strategy. And backed by a highly-qualified, motivated team and a leadership with a vision for the future, Orgalime has the expertise and agility to respond effectively to members’ needs.

SolarPower Europe

SolarPower Europe is the representative force for solar energy in Europe. In the last two years, its membership levels have increased by almost 85% from 95 in February 2015 to 175 in October 2016. This has been achieved through innovation that put the member at the heart of all that is done and through the instigation of a service oriented team running SolarPower Europe. Revenue has increased significantly; costs have been controlled and SolarPower Europe is now an association that the sector is proud of. All this in less than 2 years and with a team of just 14 FTEs. We have really been doing more with less, and the team deserves credit for this.

Our influence is growing and we stand shoulder to shoulder with the leading policy makers, we addressed the 28 European Energy Ministers in a closed meeting; we are regularly covered in the leading media outlets of the world, including the BBC, and have a suite of world class events as show cased in the BMW, Heineken and Huawei sponsored celebration of solar power. We partner in our events with companies outside of the sector to show how solar is part of everyday life for all Europeans.

Wind Europe

WindEurope is the voice of the wind industry, actively promoting wind energy in Europe and worldwide.  It has over 500 corporate members across more than 50 countries. We have 55 staff.

The 12 months between November 2015 and November 2016 were a momentous time for the Association. We went through two large restructurings of the organisation, changes in leadership and our governance arrangements as well as revamp of our strategy, statutes and identity.  This gave us a well-designed Association on paper, but the staff were heavily impacted. Morale was low. Our reputation suffered.

Today, we can proudly say that we have stabilised the organisation and put it on a stronger footing. Satisfaction levels among staff and membership have risen significantly. Despite difficult economic circumstances our members are now spending more on us than they were two years ago.

We overcame a number of significant challenges but successfully exploited some major opportunities.  We emerged stronger as an Association and as an industry. Our rebranding has reinforced our credibility and prestige as an association – and our ability to shape policy and regulations, and to advance the interests of the sector including in collaboration with other stakeholders.