How to Enter

  1. Review the categories and entry requirements
  2. Compile your entry
  3. Submit your entry

The price to enter is €195 + VAT per submission and is only payable once you have submitted your entry. Please see the full entry criteria here.

Best Membership Initiative by an Association

This is for an initiative which brought change, advancement or benefits to the association and can demonstrate tangible improvements.

Best Association Website

Awarded to a website that is impactful, engaging and can demonstrate great relevance and utility for members.

Best Association Magazine or Publication

Judges here will place particular emphasis on creativity, innovation, relevance to your readership and advancement of the association’s aims.

Best Association Newsletter

Whether broad-based or for a specific special interest group this is for newsletters that can show how being informative & relevant doesn’t have to mean being dull.

Best Association Networking Event

From large gatherings to smaller occasions if you regularly host networking forums that are well-attended this could be the category for you.

Best Association Conference

Whether a brand new seminar launch  or a well-established annual Confex or anything in between this is for events that have elicited great engagement from your membership.

Best use of Social Media

Proud of a short-term tactical campaign or a strategic multi-channel initiative – if so, tell us about it here.

Best use of Multimedia by an Association

The emphasis here is on user experience and innovation – describe how you have used multimedia to the benefit of your association and members.

Best Association Media Relations

For campaigns that have delivered outstanding results against your objectives to bring change, advancements or benefits for your cause or members.

Best Association Communications Campaign

Awarded to an impactful campaign that has accelerated or initiated change.

Best Association Training Initiative

This is the category for a training programme that is inspirational and productive.

Best Association Partnership or Collaboration

Awarded to an outstanding partnership or collaboration that has been instrumental in effecting real change and enhancing your industry as a whole.

Best Lobbying or Advocacy Campaign

A campaign or initiative that has brought change, advanced a cause or added value for the organisation or its members.

Most Active Corporation within an Association

This is awarded to a company that has taken an active role within their association to the benefit of the industry as a whole – to be submitted on a joint ticket.

Best Provision of Industry Information and Intelligence

Awarded to creative, innovative and relevant approaches to the production and dissemination of industry information and intelligence.

Best Association Management Agency / Consultancy

Judges here are looking for creativity, innovation and effectiveness of work undertaken for the association ultimately resulting in improvements experienced by the membership.

Best Campaign by an Association Agency or Supporting Organisation

The chance for support partners to shine and boast about the work they delivered for an association that brought about real change.

Best European Think Tank

This is to recognise the specialist field of expertise that is the Think Tank.  How has your Think Tank advanced its cause and influenced the wider agenda.

Most Innovative Development by an Association

Awarded to initiatives that can demonstrate their impact in terms of change, advancement or benefits to your membership.

Association Leadership Award

Open to both teams and individuals this is awarded for leadership in overcoming challenges or implementing directional strategic change with proven results.

Best National Association

For outstanding examples of representation, advancement or experience that can be measured as being exemplary within your particular domestic landscape.

Overall Best European Association

Illustrate how your association is an example to follow for all other European associations in achieving your targets and demonstrating leadership and membership satisfaction.

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